Liberty and Justice For All

Hello world, it's Annika Ruth again.  I overheard my Mom telling somebody I am 12 weeks old. I object to this statement. I am now 52 weeks old since pregnancy is a 40 week process. That means I am a year old. By rights we should be celebrating my 1st birthday this weekend. I'm talking cake! I'm talking candles! How about a party? Shouldn't there be songs and presents? What about the bounce house? 
Seriously folks shouldn't I get credit for the time I spent in the womb. I hear an awful lot of talk about how hard it is to be pregnant. Nobody seems to ask the baby how hard it was to be squished up in the womb. What happened to justice for all?

This week I went to Buddha Baby Yoga with my Mom twice. It was really fun. My favorite part of class was watching the ceiling fan. My Mom asked why my favorite part wasn't the part where I got a massage from my Mom? Duh!!! I can get that at home. We don't have a ceiling fan at home. I get quite a kick out of the Mom's at yoga trying to do a half or full lotus. I did full lotus for 9 months while hanging upside down.
I know yoga is not competitive but I find that hard to believe because I see my Mom and her friends wearing jerseys and shirts that say "I drop boys". I would like the world to know that at 11.5 weeks of age I dropped the 5 month old boy on the mat next to me. Seriously, he fell asleep 2 minutes into class and slept the whole time! He didn't even participate in tummy time or the itsy bitsy spider song. Next week I am wearing my "I drop boys" onezie. Whoot Whoot! My Mom had to go and humble me by mentioning that yoga is an individual practice and he might have been deep in meditation.

Anyway speaking of liberty and justice my Mom took me to Liberty Station for a run this week. You may have heard of Wine Spec well I am "park spec". I rank parks based on a number of factors. Scenery is important to me. I do appreciate when it isn't too bright and my actually Mom opens up the shade.

I am a super fan of the sunset run. Mission Bay Park does not disappoint.

I know I should be home studying flashcards or something to get prepared for the preschool entrance exam but I guess viewing historical sites will have to do. Liberty Station has to count for an educational experience.

Liberty Station is great. Not to sound snotty but I appreciate there being no "urban backpackers" about. Plus the amenities are great. Rumor has it the best children's story hour in town is there and the best bike shop. The staff at Moment Cycle Sprt are super cool and didn't get upset when I drooled on that carbon fiber bike. Carbon Fiber bikes are perfect for babies. When we drool on them they won't rust and they are nice and light. It wasn't all fun a games though. After the run we had to do the marketing. My job was to pick out the bread to take home.

 My eyes about popped out of my head when I saw all the choices. Being 12 weeks old sure is exciting but it comes with big responsibilities. Wonder what is in store for me next?


Born To Endure said...

what beautiful pics!

Rachel said...

what about that cool bike shop in liberty station to drool over? :)