Gobble Gobble

Well folks my first Thanksgiving has come and gone. Rather than eating Turkey it seems that I represented the Turkey. My parents were fortunate enough to have been given lots of nice clothes for me to wear. Instead of buying me clothes they seem to only buy me festive holiday costumes. Anyways here is what I have to say about Thanksgiving

I'm 11 weeks old now. I am a real big shot and very advanced for my age. Look at me! 11 weeks old and sitting up in my high chair. Please ignore my Grandma's assistance I am not quite advanced enough for photoshop. I know my secret of assistance sitting in the high chair is safe with Grandma. She is always saying to me "Remember what goes on with Garndma stays with Grandma" My Mom isn't supposed to know about ANY of it. Sounds like Vegas baby. My Mom said the secrecy is  as fine with her as long as it is Mission Bay Park we are walking and not the strip in Vegas.

 Grandpa "Pop Pops" Bruce heard I was a good runner and wanted to go running with me. He also heard I am a really good coach. In the picture below he's trying to get me to divulge a training plan  that will guarantee him a qualification to the Ironman in Kona.

As you can see I am so not interested. Ironman is soooo long it puts me to sleep. I am head coach for my Mom and Dad's racing and training.They promised to keep it short and exciting. You'll hear more of my coaching tactics in future blogs. For my Mom I have one word of advise.

Faster Mommy Faster!

For my Dad: Try not to smile so wide. You are going to get bugs in your teeth.

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Pop pops said...

What a wonder!
Annika is a great encourager on the run. She is always in front of me and I can never catch her.