Down Hill In A Hurry

After my trip to Gymboree you could say things went downhill in a hurry. I had my 8 week check up. It started out just peachy. Well peachy other than being stripped first out of the Moby wrap and then out of my clothes to be accurately weighed and measured. My Mom, Dad, and the Pediatrician standing around talking about me. How tall I am and how much I weigh. I'm told this is one of the few opportunities in life to celebrate weight gain. In case you are wondering officially I am 23.5 inches tall and weigh13 lb 4 0z. That was Thursday though I am sure to have grown since them. Currently I am in the 90% for height and 97% for weight. The pediatrician said that is largely due to hormones and milk supply transferred from Mom at this point. After the first year he said genetics plays it's hand. He looked at my parents and said I may stay in the 90% for height (courtesy of my Dad) but not so much on the weight.I am hoping to grow tall quickly so I can ride my Mom's bikes. She said it hear first... "I can ride her bikes as soon as they fit me"

Anyway, my Mom and Dad were beaming with delight on account of my thriving. The pediatrician was telling them that their new goal for me could be a 12 hour sleep. He was suggesting I work on eventually sleeping from 7 p.m. until 7:00 am ...without eating. I heard that and I started to yell. Not cry, yell you know how the poor demented patients yell in the nursing home for attention or help when anybody walks past their door. Hey, Hey, almost in a drunk like fashion. Seriously though, my parents eat dinner after 7:00 p.m and breakfast before 7:00 a.m. and they suggest me going without food without even asking my input. I had to holler out. Do you think they took me seriously? No, they all started laughing. Next thing I new things got really dirty.

Thing went down hill in a hurry. Time for an oral vaccine, which I smartly tried to spit out. Followed by not one, not two, but three sticks to the ham bone.

I'm not much of a cry baby but that really made me cry.You are probably wondering why my Mom didn't protect me from such an insult? In her defense she did ask the pediatrician if there was any benefit to splitting up the shots. Basically he and my Dad said the only benefit in that would be to the Doctor's office because there would be extra co pays. It would just spread out the trauma. In one day we got it over with. Over and done....for 8 weeks anyhow. 

Not to worry though. It wasn't long and I was the all smiles again. In fact I may just be "The Happiest Baby on The Block." I may just be the only baby on the block. Speaking of which my Mom got the video from the library. She thought it was great and so did my Dad.

Friday afternoon my Dad was off work due to Veteran's Day. You see from what I gather, in honor of the Veterans, the hospital my Dad is currently held hostage working at, the VA, closed the clinic and only took care of emergent surgeries. We sent my Mom out mountain biking while my Dad studied. He studied for a long time. When my Mom came home she got me into my jammies and he was studying. Enough I said and I sat on his book and closed it.

Saturday rolled around and my Dad headed off to work. It was raining cats and dogs which jipped me out of my trip to the pool and my stroller ride around Mission Bay. How rude of that rain! I settled for a swing in my swing. Word up on the swing, for a while I didn't like it but on the video "Happiest Baby on the Block" it was suggested to turn the swing up to the highest speed and swaddle the baby in it. That's what mimics the womb I lived in for 9 months. What do you know it worked and my Mom was able to "get in a workout".
Folks there you have it. If she complains about her results on race day or being OTB (off the back of the group she is riding with) whatever you do don't blame the baby! Seriously folks it is not my fault. Same thing goes for the skinny jeans. It is not my fault my Mom nibbles the goodies off the salad before my Dad gets home for dinner. Ok, in her defense it is often 8:00 pm or even 8:30 p.m.  I'm probably on dinner number 4 myself at that point.

 I recommended she try kick boxing for a rainy day workout. I even demonstrated.

Moving on to Sunday. The sun shined again (that may be grammatically incorrect but I am only 9 weeks remember). I had a Daddy Daughter Date while my Mom got to ride Great Western Loop with her friends again don't worry they flip flopped for the afternoon. I used to ride GWL in the good old days, then she realized she had an extra passenger and GWL was not so much. I asked my Mom how the ride went and she said the climbing is a bit slow but guess what? The bike still goes down hill fast. Rumor has it she didn't set any records changing a flat tire but ...Once again don't blame the baby. BA, that's Before Annika, she was not the fastest climber nor the fastest flat changer by a long shot.


Cindy said...

I have the cutest granddaughter in the entire world!

Heather said...

Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)