Gym Dandy Day

Hello all. It's Annika Ruth reporting on what is new and exciting. Well at 8 1/2 weeks it is all new and exciting to me. So this morning after swim practice my Mom took me to the mall nearby. We were on a mission to buy a birthday present.. The mall in UTC is a really nice mall for Mom's as it has lots of room for strollers and it's outside.  There were lots mom and baby combos there which makes me wonder if they don't go there to mingle? Hmm, just a thought.

Anyway we went to Gymboree and found our gift and of course maybe one or two things for me my mom couldn't resist. Of course she justified by saying she waited 34 years to have me and their were some really good sale sand they will appear on this blog for your entertainment. Before you say I am spoiled, please note I did not beg or whine for the garments. Plus research shows you can"t spoil a baby. Duh !I was fast asleep in my Moby wrap. Yes, my Mom is still carting me around in that wrap. According to her she is Kanga  and I am Roo. That is when she isn't referring to me as one of the following: Bug, Munchkin, Monkey, Good Baby, Cutie Pie, Sugar Pie or Cutie pie Pumpkin. I guess she's saving my real name for later.

Back to today's happenings. We were in line to check out when we heard quite a commotion.

I told my mom it was not appropriate to film this. When I get bigger I will have my moments too but she said I might think differently if I was awake for the previous 5 minutes during which the girl in pink was on wrestling with the boy and to be truthful beating the tar out of him. I'm guessing my mom is really going to keep me in the Moby as long as possible until I am 20. I'll have my moments but I am fairly certain my Dad will not reward them with cute clothing. Nope, it will Carharts canvas not Carters cotton and I'll be busy with a rake or a shovel.

We apologize for not obtaining photographic consent but we presume these children are and would like to remain anonymous.

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