Happy New Year

Welcome 2012! It's Annika Ruth and I'm ready to get this party started. Guess what? This is going to be a great yeat for me! First off I am going to turn one. I'm going to learn to sit up on my own and I bet by 2013 I'll even be able to take a few steps and say a few words.I'm probably even going to learn to chew! Watch out world.

 I started off the New Year with a bang. There actually were several bangs as I outgrew my size 2 diapers before the case ran out. It was like one day they fit and the next day not so much. In celebration of the New Year I moved out of my bassinet and into my big girl crib in my very own room. You are probably thinking this increases the likelihood I will ever have a sibling by epic proportions.

On New Years Day I discovered my voice. With my parents influence you probably thought I'd grow up to be an athlete or something in the medical field. However after reviewing this video I think I might be a singer or a broadcaster.

So in terms of celebration The Neuschwander Family did it up big. My parents alternated running with me with riding bikes. Sometimes my Dad gets off work early enough in the evening that we all can run together. However, only one person can push me in the stroller at a time so often on holidays and weekends one parent will run with me while the other one who obviously drew the short straw will go bike riding.

My Mom finished off 2011 with an "epic" New Years Eve mountain bike ride. The Carrizo Gorge Ride. It turned out to be quite a history lesson.  Check it out http://www.dankat.com/swhikes/carizo.htm

Abandoned railroad cars and bandannas (to keep out the dust) brings out the kid in everyone.

Turns out train track, gorges, and earthquakes don't mix. These trains fell off the track.

Bring your light for the tunnels!

Only bike trains on the tracks these days.

My Dad kicked off New Years Day riding with a little Palm Canyon action.

The movie of the ride is currently under production. I'm sure it will be released shortly.
Meanwhile my Mom and I schlepped ourselves to the top of Mt. Sillydad. Just so you know there maybe some fussing going due to that run ....and I am not the fussy one! Only a baby whines about a 900 ft elevation gain over 3 miles pushing a stroller.

Monday was good times with old friends .

Great Western Loop + Descanso + those ladies = a slow stroller ride for me tomorrow!

 Capping off the holiday with a visit from "Gramps". That would be Great Gramps to me. Gramps is a pretty cool guys if I do say so myself. He drove his RV down from Northern California and is looking forward to spending sometime using his inflatable kayak around Mission Bay. This is an activity he recently took up and enjoys very much...that is when it doesn't conflict with his membership to the 80 + ski club.

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