Thank Goodness It's Friday!

After a long hard week of going to the pool, the grocery store, the Apple store for repairs...only to be described as vintage and beyond help, and to boot camp I look forward to Friday to kick off the weekend.

  Friday is my day. Hear that world. My day! How do I know that? Well because Friday mornings there is baby story hour! Yee Haw. We go to this bookstore and this nice lady reads us a couple of books.
Listen to the story!

Then we sing some songs. After that....You better brace yourself...We get shakers! We get to shake them to the music. We sing about stomping out our sillies and wiggling our waggles away! Or is it wiggle our waggles away? Oh what's the difference? It is great fun!
Shake your shaker!

After story hour 30 minutes, don't think I didn't notice. It's time for me to recover and my Mom runs me a bath? No, she runs me a nap. It's perfect (for now). Who says one must nap in a crib with a manufactured white noise machine. I prefer the motion of the stroller and the pitter patter of my Mom's feet. I just had the greatest idea. I should write a book about baby scheduling /whispering/increased IQ scores and sell it for a lot of money. I bet I could earn enough to pay my way to college.My Mom has spent plenty of money on those types of books and the secret is in the stroller! I could also write a self help book for adults advising them that a bedtime of 7:00 p.m. followed by a few short daytime naps, singing, and running is the secret to health and happiness.
Run me a nap!

My parents on the other hand look forward to the weekend to spend sometime riding terrain like this. My Mom says that looks like an easy switchback but it really is a hard one.I bet I could clear that corner easily on my bike. Of course, I'll have to touch my feet down because my bike doesn't have pedals, but I am sure just as soon as I am able to sit up unattended I'll be capable of clearing any switch back.

So the wheels of my parents bikes aren't the only thing that roll around here. I roll. Yup. I roll from front to back. It's this great game I play because I make sure to do it when my folks are not looking. See here is how things roll. One of my parents puts me on my tummy in my crib with a bunch of babyish toys to entertain me then he or she dares to leave me unattended and walks out of the room. Maybe they intend to leave for 30 seconds, maybe a minute, but for all I know it could be an hour. I don't want to do tummy time for an hour. No way! I object! I flip myself over onto my back. Then they worry something is wrong since I am entirely too quiet for tummy time. In they come surprised to find tummy time is over. OVAH! And I am the boss around here. Well, I am sure I will be. On second thought at least I hope to be just as soon as I learn to talk and read and probably write and learn to mind my manners. Ok...I might not be the boss around here for ....well a very long time.


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