Good Times Roll!

 Good times roll and so do I. I am a real busy body and I don't like to just sit around so that may be why I have been publishing fewer blogs.

That's my Mom and I at story hour. Guess what? She found the songs we sing at story hour on a CD called Song For Wiggle Worms. They are really great. They are all the classic children's songs with a pepped up beat. Mind you not a pepped up beat that is hokey like when Christmas carols and church hymns are tackily changed to rock roll.  She loaded them onto her I phone and I pod and now has no excuse not to sing and dance along with them during all of my waking hours. Many of the songs could easily be modified for triathlon or cycling. For example the song the "the wheels on the bus" could be changed to "the wheels on the bike." The best modification of that song would be changing the line "the babies on the bus go wah, wah, wah " I'll fly past the boys on my pink bike singing to myself "the boys that I drop go wah, wah, wah"       

 I may or may not have witnessed her fall onto the floor with exhaustion. Well she didn't quite fall onto the floor with exhaustion. She tripped over a cord to the laptop computer. I think she may have been so tired she couldn't see straight. It might have something to do with her belief that I nap better in a rolling stroller and she is what rolls the stroller. I take more than one nap a day you know. So my Mom has to take me on a run, and a walk, and then hop, hop, hop for me when the music says to.  Did I mention I no longer embrace a 6:30 p.m. bedtime? Nope, that's for babies.

 I certainly do my best to keep my mom in shape for when she gets to ride the friendly trails. Although, not all encountered on the trails are friends. See snake below!
Happy Sunday!

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