February Fun

My parents must have become tired of the shadows they usually cast.

Off to San Fransisco we went.

Maybe it was because my Dad was presenting at a conference?

Or maybe it was so Mommy could add some variety to my runs?

I know why! It was to provide me with a variety of enriching experiences.
Talk about enrichment!
But life handed me lemons as I only got to look. Next time!

Please Daddy?
Just a taste on the tongue. I am 5 months old already.
The city wasn't all we got to visit. We saw family!

That's my cousin Scott. Cousins are so so cool. My cousin Scott can do all sorts of cool stuff . For example he can walk. He can talk. He can even chew food!I'm a gonna be just like him someday.

His parent are my Auntie Val and Uncle Seth.
 They are really cool too. Well as cool as adults can be. When you are a kid nothing compares to how cool your cousins are. That is an undistputable fact.

My Grandpa , "Pop Pops" I call him seems to be wrapped around my torso finger.
He must have heard me thinking with a British accent "but Daddy I wanted a pony"
 Once that was my Daddy's horse. Thunder the Wonder Horse
With newly braided reins she is all mine.

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