Avocado Kid

Hello there! It's me again. Annika Ruth, reporting in on the latest and greatest happenings. Now I do understand the title of this blog is "Jenny From The Block" not "The Amazing Adventures of Annika". However it is tales of racing, training, and having fun. I certainly have a lot of those stories to share.
 If it was still my Mom's blog she'd probably bore you all to tears with stories of how much fun she had riding her single speed on the single track or how she took 6 seconds off her 200 yard time trial in the pool this week. Six seconds doesn't sound like much to me but apparently she thinks it is something worth celebrating. I just roll with it.

If this was my Dad's blog you might learn a little bit about reducing fractures, replacing joints, and reading x-rays but mostly he'd want you to know how much fun he had riding his bike.

Most of all you would read about how much fun it is to get big air. Make sure to get the tongue wag in the photo. For the record my Mom consistently rides that spot getting no air. Because she is my Mom I have to say this. She must be a really smooth rider or a really boring one. I know just how much fun getting air and jumps are. I love it.

My friends gave me a Jumparoo and I am putting it to good use. I can bounce on one foot or two feet at a time and I can spin around. Unlike my Mom riding her bike I don't have to worry about mechanicals, getting dirty,getting lost, or encountering snakes. Maybe she should switch to Jumparooing. I think she'd really like it. I would let her try mine but I think her thighs would get stuck and it might upset her. It might be a real blow to her self image.

Do you think when I outgrow this I can have a bounce house or a trampoline? I think I'd like that.

I'm nearly 6 months now. Not quite. Alright! I am only 5 1/2 months but it is the time that babies can start having solid foods. I mean real (semi) solid foods. I don't count the rice cereal that is often given at 4 months because rice cereal is for babies. My parents and pediatrician said I shouldn't have anything until I showed interest. I really had to work to show them. First I started grabbing at their plates and foods but they really didn't get it. Annika don't touch this...Annika you can't have that. Hee Hee Hee they would laugh. Finally, I made a move for my Dad's coffee cup. Finally, they got the hint.
My first food: avocado or so my Mom thinks my Dad slips me tastes of things on the side but it is our secret.. What can I say? I am an avocado kid.I was hoping to have it guacamole style with corn or tortilla chips but I guess a girl has to start somewhere so mashed up with milk it is. Next up coffee? Nah, more likely a sweet potato.

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