School Is Cool!

Yup. I have started school already. This must mean I am very academic. I am not even 6 months old yet so clearly I am advanced.  My eyes look a little tired in the photo below probably because I had swim practice before school started.

Or so I thought I was advanced until I found the room full of "babies" 0-12 months. At nearly 6 months old I guess that makes me average. Oh brother, I was hoping to earn the name "Amazing Annika" considering there was a couple in class that's baby was not yet born I'm worried I may just get the title of "Average Annika"  The baby was due that day. Before I was born I did not attend baby sign language class.I was too busy skiing in Switzerland and stuff. It is really not my fault. In cases like this one must blame the parents.  Oh dear. I am not ahead. I am so behind. I am sure another pupil can help me get up to speed.

The class is sort of for the "babies." Mostly it is for the parents, to help them learn how to help us develop as best we can, with an emphasis on baby sign. We sing songs, read stories, and play with toys. We even get to play with the parachute. I wish school was everyday. I even offered to pay for it with my allowance I actually don't get allowance and the class is actually free through the city of San Diego, but it is only once a week.

I live for the parachute.
By that evening I was pretty tired but not too tired to enjoy my avocado.

What I really want to eat is whatever my parents are having.I do mean whatever my parents are having.... beer, coffee, wasabi, grapefruit. If they have it I want it too. My goal is to always be ready to make a move for the food. I help my Mom do the marketing. Just yesterday I tried to eat the cilantro my Mom was buying at the market. From the Baby Bjorn I was in good position to block my Mom from putting it in the little plastic produce bag. I grabbed the bunch in a vise like grip and quickly attempted to stuff it in my mouth.  My Mom intercepted kill joy . I asked exactly why eating fresh raw organic cilantro was a problem. Clearly she didn't know because answered we do not eat in the grocery store without first paying and veggies always should be washed before eating. I'm going to watch and see if she breaks those rules. I bet she does.

Apparently my Mom has traded in her cookie baking habit for cooking variations of quinoa and kale. My Dad probably prefers a meal that does not contain quinoa, kale, or squash. Since he is insisting on eating less dessert in other words he is racing California 70.3 in a month and doesn't want to have the slowest time in the office my Mom is punishing treating him to girly suppers.

As for my Mom and I and racing. We are racing too. I am actually coaching my Mom instead of racing as strollers are discriminated against in triathlon. Rather than file a grievance with the BBU (Better Baby Union)  I will channel my energy into developing improved core strength and gross motor skills. See how good I am getting at sitting up. Talk about core strength.  My Mom trains off my schedule and under my watchful eye.  I wake her up for swim every morning. I helped her knock another 2 seconds of her 100 yard time trial in the pool this week. Her running seems sufficient in terms of time needed for a good nap and stride is smooth enough for me to sleep. Often we spend time running near where my Dad is working so we can conveniently meet for lunch.

This week my Mom was tricked into a tempo run.  She had to run 5K at race pace at the end of an 8 mile run to meet my Dad for lunch. See she didn't think he'd be available to meet that day so she ran far away then she got the text that he was available for lunch. Problem was she was 5K away and Dad only  gets 30 minutes to eat. He texted "Run Faster" So we sprinted. We ran like women possessed. She was huffing and puffing. My breathing remained steady as youth is on my side. Anyway, we got back in record time only to find out my Dad had extra time for lunch. Hee Hee . We got her good!!!!!

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