St. Patrick's Day

Today I celebrated my first St. Patrick's Day. I'm not really Irish. I'm an about 1/8 cup Czech, a tablespoon of French Canadian, a dash of Swiss, and pinch of German, but Irish? Judging by the number of my Mom's freckles, we are enough Irish to justify a "right fine" celebration.

My Mom dressed me in this get up. Then started snapping pictures. She told everyone she finally caught a leprechaun. Once again, she is not even Irish. Silly Mom ,it's just me. Annika Ruth. I played along because I knew it meant a lot to her. Between you and me, I find being mistaken for a leprechaun potentially insulting. People think leprechauns are nice because they are so little and have those cute shoes that curl up at the end. Find one in a trap, and you see their true colors. They are snarly, surly, and have bad breath. Or am I thinking of raccoons?
My Dad went biking for the day near Palm Springs. Unlike San Diego and it's weekend storm. There was no rain. It was dry as a desert. Oh, it was the desert. This weekend my Mom rode her bike in place and I jumped in place and took a nap. It was great fun. My Mom can't complain because last weekend she spent an abundance of hours riding this.
She saw 4 snakes, 1 coyote, and a lot of Jack Rabbits but no Leprechauns

Inspired by me and my new "Joy of Eating. My Mom prepared a St. Patrick's Day Feast. I believe there is no holiday not worth celebrating. No...not, that's a double negative and I believe incorrect grammar. Anyway you've heard the saying "it's never too late to make a first impression" well that reallydoesn't make much sense.   I say "you are never to young to establish a holiday tradition".  I helped prepare feast. All week I researched recipes and shopped at various markets in preparation for our St. Patrick's Day feast.

We decided on a roast of corn beef and cabbage with red skin potatoes and onion. We used the crock pot so we could do other important things while it cooked, like ride the trainer and bounce in the jumparoo.  Next we made Irish Soda bread. I have never in my life had Irish soda bread nor had my parents. In all fairness I haven't had any bread really. Like any serious triathlete, I am on a gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian diet. Anyway, my parents said it was awesome and easier than making French bread as it doesn't have to rise. In baby speak it is less fussy. 
A feast is not complete without dessert.

I'm rather conservative and partake in banana for my sweet treat. However, according to my Mom, when you prepare a dessert yourself the calories don't count. Guinness, in Irish tradition, not just to drink but in the brownies.

  I may be young but I am very aware and interested in my surroundings .

I am also fairly well read. I'm not sure I believe that the calories in Guinness brownies are negated in preparation but that is between my Mom and her skinny jeans.

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