Happy 1/2 Birthday

Today is March 10, 2012. Everyday is special but today especially so, it's my 1/2 year birthday. I turned 6 months old today. I know all about birthday parties because yesterday I went to one. It was at swim practice. One of the swimmers turned 75. There were cookies, balloons, a card, and the main set consisted of lots of 75's. Personally I thought they should celebrate with 75 flip turns but nobody asked for my input. Anyway that was yesterday, today was my day. Although I was denied cake and cookies. We had a real celebration. 

For my half birthday I received my very own plate and training cup. The colors are pink and blue just like my Mom's road and time trial bikes. Coincidence? I think not. I had a hunch I was that's what I was getting for my birthday because I saw my Mom slip them in the cart when we were at Whole Foods earlier this week. Please don't ask my Mom if she thinks the BPA free yet made in China  plastic plate and training cup are "safe" for me to eat off of. She has already been asked that question.  After watching me clock myself in the head with my Sophie the Giraffe toy she is convinced it was safer that the alternative of stainless steel. In lieu of cake I did get to taste banana for the first time. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

My 1/2 birthday wasn't all fun and games. I spent a great deal of time tutoring my Dad in orthopedics. I have to say I like my schoolwork better as use songs to help us learn. That book is heavy and the information is dry. Puts me to sleep after a while.
I did a little modeling as well and tried on some of the special clothing my Grandma Judi carefully saved in a cedar chest for the past 34 years in hopes that I would come along. Such style!
I am Daddy's girl. it's like we are partners in crime. We study together, work on bikes in the garage together, and share coffee in the morning. In truth my Dad is quite stingy about sharing things like coffee and beer. No fair!
My Mom has decided that I remind her of her baby dolls from when she was a little girl. She thinks I am a real live baby doll. She dresses me up like one and carts me all around with her. I don't mind a bit.

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