Presidents Day at Pannikin

If you followed this blog BA, Before Annika, you know there was a lot of writing about my Mom and Dad riding road bikes and occassional stops to Pannikin for a sweet treat or two.

By the way my Mom is really thankful she took me for professional baby pictures. Note the hat obstructing me completely. Getting a picture of a baby is not the easiest thing to do.  

Times change. Now their rides together are infrequent and they mostly ride off road. They realized as much as they love the trails the missed riding the road together and going to Pannikin. It's classic.
 A while back I blogged about not needing a 2 wheels when you have 3 in referance to being left out of bike rides. It maybe too fat too run to Pannikin but guess what? We have 4 wheels and a motor. Who could ask for more?

We won't be in San Diego much longer. It's time to capitalize on classic San Diego. So after swim my Mom and I headed up the coast to meet my Dad mid -late ride for a treat. Yum!

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Grandma Cindy said...

Annika, you just keep getting cuter every day! I love your yellow sunhat.