The Big 4 -0

Well folks it's me again! Annika Ruth, reporting in on all things good in the world.


 I have been a little lax in my reporting. Please know I am sincere in my apology but I rely on my Mom help booting up the computer. She has been keeping my days pretty busy. After a full day, she makes me go to bed early, like 7:00 p.m. What about my unstructured down time?

I know lying on the floor with one sock off looks like unstructured down time but it is serious business. Tummy time it is. I am working my muscles. I know all about speed, agility, and core training. In fact I could coach a program.

Who is to say I don't coach a program?
In case you think I am inside watching a bunch of Mom's exercise because of winter weather. Think again....

 As of late the city I live in should be called Sun Diego not San Diego. My Mom tries to keep the sun off of me but she can't stop me from having fun in the sun.

As much as I'd like to get started on my ski career at the stage of my life it is mighty convenient residing where it can be 80 degrees in January. I have enough paraphenilia to lug around without adding cold weather gear. Speaking of gear...this is the real reason my Mom doesn't take me biking.

She can't fit her bike and my car seat in the car at the same time.

 Some days are filled with serendipitous suprises like having coffee with Dad in the middle of a workday.

Other mid day meet ups are not so fun! I heard the big 4-0 was rough. They ain't a kidding!

I'm the big 4-0. 4 months, zero weeks that is and shots were no fun at all!


Born To Endure said...

awwww cute baby!

Grandma Cindy said...

Annika Ruth! You keep getting cuter and cuter! (Even when you look unhappy after your shots.)