Hot Rock Yoga

This weekend warranted a trip to Sedona for one of Tim's best friend's wedding. As usual I had a lot on my plate. Oh how would I juggle all my fun? The weekend consisted of a visit with the in-laws while attending Tim's friend's wedding, celebrating our one year anniversary (yes Tim has tolerated me for a whole year), and exploring every nook, cranny, and slot canyon Sedona had to offer. I was pretty sure I could keep up with my Ironman training. You see being a member of the Neuschwander family is pretty much Ironman training. I did worry I wouldn't uphold my weekly yoga session. ( I try to go at least once a week....doesn't sound like much but the weeks go by so quickly) I swear it prevents mental and physical injury, breakdown, and psychosis The teachers say it will lengthen the bones and regulate the thyroid;) Anyway I really couldn't see how I would fit in a session of hot yoga.

Saturday we headed out to run Soldiers pass. It was breathtaking, in part because it was beautiful and in part because it was at 5,000 ft. 5,000 ft might sound soft but you see I have to keep up with tall Tim and he has more hemoglobin than me because he is a boy. Plus he was very excited to run in such a cool place he was leaping up the hills.

I was having a wonderful time and soon we were at the summit of the trail. It would be a good day of running to log in the books but the yoga entry would be blank. What to do? I tricked my husband and father in law into scrambling up on top of a huge boulder and participating in my very own impromptu yoga class. Hah.....some people do have it all. Hot yoga and a long run on a Saturday morning. I thought I was very smart hosting hot rock yoga, however the students were real flunkies.

I demonstrate a simple yoga pose

Bruce puts forth a good effort but is a bit off balance.

Tim is a total yoga flunky.
Look at him wearing his Iphone in yoga class.

What a poser!
He's wearing a shirt from Ironman Canada.
He hasn't even done Ironman Canada!


tim said...

I made up a new stance. It's called the "Hairy Bagel."

Sparky said...

I think you had a lot of fun in those mountains and can only imagine what it would be like to fetch my Kong ball there. It might prove to be Sparky flying over the cliff edge.