Friendly Foes

I thought the guys at Moments would be very upset with my Carbo Pro antics but they fixed up Sweet Thunder and hooked me up with a new water bottle. One they swore wouldn't leak. Their interventions were very helpful. I know they were very busy getting ready for the weekends race "The San Diego Classic"

What shocked me is the fact that my bikes seem to have engaged in some sort of a cat fight. As I prepared Sweet Thunder for her trip to the cycle spa my road bike started acting up. Princess really dug in her claws. She is uppity, even to me. She said "Isn't today Wednesday? You know you could skip the club time trial and hit the Swami's ride or Wednesday World's. I told Princess I couldn't keep up with the Swami's and would get dropped. Princess flicked her handle bars to the side and said "it's not my fault you don't pedal faster". Can you believe that! Who talks to their master like that? I guess Princess is just jealous. She hasn't done Great Western plus Laguna. I tried to remind her of all the fun rides she has done, The Death Ride and a few weeks in New Zealand, a 1000 mile month when she was my only bike. She sniffled that I could at least try to pedal faster.

It's a good thing my time trial bike doesn't have kind of attitude because I don't think I could take it from both bikes. Sweet Thunder, although she is every bit as fancy as Princess, never seems to complain. Usually she doesn't even realize Princess is picking on her. It goes right over her aero bars. She just rides as far and as fast as she can without complaint. Her one flaw is that she would let me ride her until she is a bloody pulp. She's a little disappointed I didn't take her out to east county this week. I explained she needed to save a little energy for Saturday. I promised her there would be more Great Western Loop next week. She seemed to tolerate it o.k, but I know she's a little down. She asked if I could get off work tomorrow and ride her but the answer is no.

When I came home from work today I noticed the whole container of Carbo Pro was resting on Sweet Thunder's frame. I just can't trust those bikes when I am at work. Maybe it is the lack of exercise that makes them act out. I am not sure if Sweet Thunder was trying to fuel herself for the next workout or if Princess tried to dump the Carbo Pro on Sweet Thunder. What will those bikes think of next.


Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

I saw princess dumping Carbo Pro in Sweet Thunder's brakes. Too bad those bikes can't race each other...

tim said...

oops that was from tim!