I'm always looking for the "Epic" adventure. It's not too tough for me to find. I would call the short run Tim and I shared today epic. Today is one of those days most people can guiltlessly not leave the couch. I think that made me enjoy the run all the more. I thought I was running fast. It seemed so effortless. I turned around to run home and took note of the 30 -35 mph wind gusts my Mom had been warning us about. Only I could be so blissfully lost in my own delusions to not notice a tailwind like that. It was only a short run and then we returned home to the fire.
Tim is Sparky's new best friend. Maybe because Tim throw's the ball for Sparky to fetch for hours on end. I admit it I am soft. After a run in the wind and rain it's time for a shower and cup of tea.

Tomorrow is our race,. The Mackinac Island Half Marathon/Trail Run. The photo below shows what the island is supposed to look like. Unfortunately the wind will have blown all the leaves off the trees. The local news states 100% chance of rain, unless it snows. I guess that wouldn't be 100% chance of rain then. Personally, I am hoping for snow. It'll make for better memories.

This would be a view of the island on a nice day this time of year. It's not going to look that serene and docile tomorrow. I bet it will be epic though. By the way, there is no dropping out half way and hitching a ride bike as there ain't no cars on this island.

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