Podium Girls

Today was race day, here in San Diego and in Kona. For those of you who don't know, Ironman Kona is like the Olympics of triathlon. Actually it's better than the Olympics, it's like Christmas for a 5 year old. Well, it's like Christmas for a 5 year if you are at home watching the race (on one laptop while blogging on another). I don't think it's like Christmas for the racers until the race is over:) I am proud of my friends racing today. It's fabulous. They get to do all the work and I get to share the excitement.Moment Cycle Sport hosted an Olympic Distance Triathlon. This is approximately a 1500 m swim, 40 K bike, and 10 K run. Despite completing a whole host of races, Ironman twice, I had never done an Olympic Distance. I'm told if you are not on the edge of pain and suffering you are not working hard enough. I went watchless today and just tried to push it a bit. I only had time for my Garmin or my socks in T2 so I chose socks over the Garmin. I didn't have time to put on both. I guess it worked out ok as I ended up in second in my age group. Stacy was first. She could probably have run an extra mile and still beat me but nobody else will ever know. Oops, I just spilled the beans.

Podium Princesses
Age 30-34

I really did enjoy the race, once the swim was over. The swim coarse was fine but I felt discombobulated. Everybody in my heat was swimming away from me as I splashed about. I exited the water a little bit down mentally and a lot down chronologically. My bike, Sweet Thunder, was ready to go and she picked me up. As soon as I hopped on, she began to move quickly. Her sister bike, Speed Racer, was racing and she wanted to catch up. They like to ride together. She really had fun on the climbs and descents. She is used to riding in East County. She has a lot of room to move around and the roads are smooth as silk. She just wanted to gallop all out. I kept good hold of her reigns so she wouldn't get tangled with other riders and make sure she didn't draft. She seemed to make up some time and without taking too much out of me so that was good.
I will say there are some great girls out there. Of those I know, they are really impressive, a multi-talented bunch. I wish I was motivated to race more aggressively and try to beat them. I'm not though. I'll have to settle for just being inspired by them and happy to play among them. That's what's so great about the "Idropboys" mentality. I see other women as my teammates in dropping boys. Not to pick on men but you sometimes do such funny things when we chick you.
Got to go. There are couple girls at Ironman beating the male pros. It's too exciting too miss.


tim said...

Podium princesses... I'm glad that race was so much fun!

Sparky said...

I think there ought to be a podium for those magical bikes who provide all adventures of the podium princesses.

UP Mom said...

I bet not one of the princesses ever demanded a ride to track practice.