5 weeks left until Ironman Arizona.
Not sure when I'll have the opportunity to race in Ironman again.
Husband says I always say that.
My goal is to WIN!
Not win, as in beating everybody else.
That's not it.
I just want to go as fast as I can.
That would be to win.


Sparky said...

Five weeks and 9 events before the BIG EVENT. You are already a winner.
Your background is a "Sparky" color today.

Stacy said...

You inspire me to have a "better" attitude towards racing. Thanks! I think I'll go try to WIN at SOMA!

tim said...

Not sure when you will have the opportunity to do it again, so you better take advantage of every opportunity when it comes your way!

Jennifer Harrison said...

GO GO GO! So glad you have such a great attitude! LOVE IT! :))