Good Luck

Good Luck

This weekend is the 70.3 (or half Iron man) World Championships. I am proud to say that last year my Father - in - law was the 11 th faster person in his age:) That's fast.

Sometimes when I talk about Iron man with non triathletes they ask how I ever got the idea to do an Iron man. That would have to be where my father in law Bruce comes in. A few years when I thought the swim split in a sprint was a big deal. (Like worth hyper ventilating over) Bruce was chucking out full IM finishes like a batches of cookies for a bake sale. He made it seem so easy. One year he did Oceanside 70.3 in April and Wildflower in May. In June he did the Sierra Century with a friend who had never done it. That evening he flew down to San Diego to help Tim and I in the marathon we failed to train for. Not help as in stand on the side walk and as in pace our behinds to the finish and carry us in if needed. A couple hours later he flew back up north ( and probably did a recovery swim). I thought Bruce would be a little disappointed in our times as at least mine didn't reflect having trained. Believe a positive split is very different than having a positive attitude. He wasn't though. I could tell he was so genuinly happy we were sharing in the fun of the sports he loved. Later that month he did IM CDA. Then he did the Death Ride with Tim and I. After that he did the Vine man Half and IM Canada. Missing a Kona spot by one minute. He made it seem sooooo easy. Never complaining of being sore, tired, or even hungry. Bruce encouraged Tim and I to do these events and recommended books on training and some of Hammer nutrition's products (which Tim and I swiped when Bruce's head was turned). After doing one Iron man I realized how really tough it is and how much a big event takes out of you. Despite run skirts being popular, compared to Bruce, I really look like I am wearing a skirt. If things get a little hard for me at AZ I'll have to remember that somebody I am related to did a marathon, a century, 3 halves, 2 fulls in one season.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Good luck and go fast, and have a good time.

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Bruce said...

You are so kind. I am tired today (Monday 11/10) after finishing 9th last Saturday. When you wake up at 4:15 to eat, your body is saying, "Hey buddy, it's really 1:15 am." Your support really helped. At the awards banquet we sat across from Erika Csomor. She is doing IMAZ and is now fearful of the fast La Jollan.
Also, last year year I did Boston between Ralphs and Wildflower..and oh, don't forget the Carlsbad Marathon in January. So it was actually 3 marathons and 4 half IMs.
You looked strong and fast when you passed me at CdA. I am sure you will crush 11:30 at IMAZ. No glow sticks.
Cindy has an apple pie reward for breaking top 10. Have a great race.