Married Life

Now that Tim and I our settling into married life we are discovering we have some differences. Yes, we have some huge fundamental differences. Like our appreciation of things like squash. Today, after my 9 million mile bike ride I went marketing. I went to the produce market and then to Costco. Speaking of which ....I am so glad I became a triathlete because my arms are much stronger pushing a Costco cart around these days.
After that I headed home to unload my loot of groceries and manage my produce. You know wash and prepare all the veggies so they don't go to waste because you were too lazy to clean them.
I also found time to prepare some molasses cookies and the chocolate cherry ones I made yesterday seemed to be disappearing at a very fast pace. Hmmm....maybe we have a mouse.

There must be a mouse in the house

Anyway when I started working on the molasses because I knew they would be good for future ride and for recovery after our evening run. I am so good too my husband that I typically save my evening run until he gets home. I know he really loves to run after a long day of work. Sometimes he apologizes for being so late and offers not to make me run, but I always tell him it's no problem. Sometimes I even get his head lamp out for him to show him how willing I am to support his running.

Tim came in the door and that was when I discovered our fundamental differences. His face looked crest fallen and he said" more squash?" Then he saw the cookies and started eating them. Hot, right from the cookie sheet. .....They didn't even make it to the cooling rack. Much less the intended spot in the freezer so I could bring them on long bike rides. Side note: Screw power bars, clif bars, carbo pro , and shot blocks. I'm over it. After November 23. I refuse to consume any form of maltodextrin until April. He gobbled up 5 or 6 of the freshly baked cookies and then said he had a few things to do before running. I thought it to was to study for the Ortho in training exam. I encouraged him to do so but later found out he was searching Craig's list and allowing the cookies to digest. I started preparing dinner so we could eat in the magical 30-60 minutes after training and optimally recover from our whopping 40 minute run.

He came out and looked at the dinner and again looked crest fallen. "That's a lot of food" he said mournfully. I could only think A) You are not a 115 pound female and B) I thought you were hungry...eating 5 cookies? I was extremely perplexed by this because when we first started dating Tim had issues with my idea of dinner being oatmeal, Kashi cereal and yogurt, or best yet a Trader Joe's soy corn dog. I couldn't figure out what exactly was the problem. Then I got it, eating dinner would keep him from eating as many cookies.


tim said...

I hear it's similar in the Yake house with Popsie preferring cookies to spaghetti squash....

Paul said...

Soy corn dog? Poor bastard. Tim come over to my place and I'll feed you beer and some tri tip steak.

Oh yah Jen, even full of two pieces of pie and whip cream, you won't even be droppin' me. hahaha. We rode back the hard way.

Jennifer Yake said...

Paul.....don't derail However, if you two down tri tip and beer I'll really drop your arses. Tim. As far as dropping you on a pie ride well then I'll jimmy your breaks and let the air out of your tires. Which way is the hard way? By the way...I read your blog for some inspiration and at first I was bummed because you said you were tired,bored and going way to slow. Sounded like all of my July and August training. The next day you almost redeemed yourself when I watched the promo video for Kona. I was fired up until it lead into the 1997 womens finish. The 4th and 5th place finish to be specific. Ugg