Ironman Arizona Race Report Coming Soon

Nervous Morning Smile
For now we'll just say I had the time of my life.


Paul said...

Could you have had better weather?? OMG killer race.

tim said...

awesome race, you dropped a lot of boys (including myself)

Bruce and Cindy said...

Way to go Jen. You had us sitting on the edge of our seats as we kept hitting refresh on the computer and talking with Tim. Strong work. We are proud of you.

Mer! said...

Jen!! You are a machine..TWO freaking ironmans in a year and not only that but you KILLED the second one. You're my rocked!

Hope your brother is getting better....and we missed you last night.

Many hugs!

Chris said...

Count me in the "dropped boys" category as well. Nice job, you rocked it.