Race Report: World's 70.3

So the one thing better than my own race report is reporting somebody elses....

When I talk to cohorts who are non athletes they make comments at like I'm too old to run or your knees are going to give out and you are going to be a cripple. All of those people need to meet Bruce.

Trumpet Fan Fare and Drum Role Please

My Father in Law, Bruce PR'd on Saturday in Clearwater, Florida at the 2008, 70.3 World Championships.

click here for some of the action

He swam 1.2 miles with alligators and rafts from Cuba. Then he biked 56 miles while dodging Florida's infamous blue haired ladies driving enormous Cadillacs. Finally he ran 13.1 miles in the staggering Florida sun. He also ran the entire distance on concrete surfaces without the use of performance enhancing knee high socks. He managed to do all of this in a time of 4 hours 51 minutes and he finished ninth in his age IN THE WORLD.
Bruce is currently accepting applications from sponsors. However as his self appointed agent I can say he is very exclusive and won't associate his name with just anything. Interested parties should respond to this blog.
Bruce is currently relaxing and recovering by eating his wife Cindy's apple pies and by running the Pleasanton Ridge three times daily, once with each of his dogs Elle, Polly, and Riley.


tim said...

i heard you almost got hit by a raft from Cuba

Dad said...

it was an old Caddy...a real land yacht. 82nd St had 3 lanes, bikes in the middle and cars on each side. Left turn into a driveway, no problem, pull into the center lane and wait, right in front of me. Almost melted the carbon Zipp rims as I hit the brakes then swerved into the traffic (there was room). The car turned after I went around it and the German that was tailing me (legal distance - 4 bike lengths) shot by. I ended up passing him after a short sprint.

Tims Dad said...

Hey Jen, Thanks for all the great words.

Jennifer Yake said...

Oh your welcome....I'm planning to out do you with a story of how I wrestled a rattle snake at IMAZ