Recently my parents adopted a one year old black lab. His name is Sparky and he writes me letters via e-mail. He must be a really smart dog. He's going to be a great training partner next time I visit my parents. Until I arrive he is working on his endurance by running and building his core strength by jumping in piles of leaves. He does interval training by chasing birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.

Sparky is like a lot of triathletes. He has trouble with his nutrition. Since joining my parents in the U.P. his training has caused him to loose weight. After running all day he collapses onto his rug and goes straight to bed. Sometimes he sleeps for hours and doesn't want to get up. Sparky told me I shouldn't complain about the Gatorade served on the course. Last week, when Sparky was on his long run he needed nutrition so he ate what he could find in the woods. He said I only thought I knew what tummy troubles were.

I'm hoping Sparky starts his own blog soon.


tim said...

i'm sure sparky would prefer dead skunk to Powergels.

Anonymous said...

I will be watching for the race reports. I have suffered sport related injuries by wearing off patches of my fur on back legs.
I like to seize the day! Sparky

Mer! said...

You totally know my story about "second breakfast" and how Dave always uses a hobbit voice and asks "is that your second breakfast!"...SO FUNNY!!!

Jen, you are going to ROCK IM!!! So excited we'll both be out there and we can support each other and it'll be great!!!

Sparky is adorable, I wish my parents would get a dog!!