Racer Ready

Racer Ready 3-2-1- GO.

Those were the words I heard just before it was my turn to race when I was a ski racer. It felt like eternity.

In the amount of time my heart would skip several beats. I would feel nauseated and sick until I broke the wand. Then I became exhilarated. My race then would last about 1 minute.

Now imagine my feelings before starting a race that on a good day would last around 12 hours and span 140.6 miles. ......I am a nervous, excited, tornado whirling around everywhere. My apologies to everyone I have encountered over the past few days. I am not thinking so clear. In fact I have been so scattered in my thinking that I have 5 blogs in the draft folder that I just can't finish.

Does this mean I am not ready for Ironman?


Does this mean two Ironman's in one year is too much for me?


Does this mean I am going to go slow?

(well depends on who's standards)

Does this mean I have a disorder?

No comment
(well probably but doesn't everybody)

Am I going to have fun?
Oh Yeah

I renewed my CPR today. Of course I got 100% on the test and was the first one done ;)
CPR is very basic. It's about the ABC's. I am amending my race plan to be that simple

A)Attitude (have a good one)
B) Breathe ( I have been known to screw this up:)
C) C myself finishing strong


Cindy said...

You forgot F for Fabulous!!!! You will be.

Anonymous said...

D....Determined, that you are and have always been!

Stacy said...

G: You Go Girl!

Bruce said...

N: no light sticks

Bruce (again) said...

Oh, and Jen is just getting a jump on all of us at her Thanksgiving training camp in Arizona.

Jennifer Yake said...

I can't wait for my new bling....in addition to my Ironman bracelet I am going to get a glow in the dark necklace