The Update

Happy Halloween
Last night Tim and I carved pumpkins for Halloween. Today Tim was on home call meaning he could have to go to work at anytime and respond to pages all day. Not wanting me to miss out on the the fun he sent me out to ride with the girls. What fun!!!! The only problem with riding with the girls is sometimes I'm a little bit hoarse after chatting all day. When somebody advises to train at conversation pace....I take it very seriously.
I actually pedalled a few extra miles today because I rode to the ride start so Tim could have use of the car. In addition to sharing a bathroom we are sharing a car. 116.66 miles later I arrived home from my ride (I only report this number because I like random numbers and feel it is similar to the # I finished Ironman , 666) Anyway, I thought Tim would be raring to go for a run after waiting for me all day. I was wrong. Instead he was up to his eyeballs trying to resuscitate his car (which is on a modified hospice plan) He said he'd be ready in five minutes to run. I quickly changed into my running clothes.
Then I peeked outside and knew it would be more like 10 minutes....or an hour and 10. Tim and I our learning the secret language of each other.
In Tim speak I'll be ready in a sec......means I'll be ready in an hour.
In Jen speak I'm just going to go for a quick run means I'll be back in a hour.

In the meantime I started preparing another homemade pumpkin pie (with real pumpkins..YUMM YUMM)


astute observer said...

Hmmm . . . Are car operations more successful when the mechanic wears surgical scrubs?

dad said...

Hey, is that MY hammer in the picture?

tim said...

Nope. It's MY hammer.

Anonymous said...

Riding to the start of the bike ride is truly a UP trait.