Honeymoon's Over

Honeymoon is Over
Now I'm back to work!

Actually the honeymoon has been over for quite a while. Tim and I enjoyed a whole two days at the Terrace Inn in Bay View. This was very fun and I highly recommend it to anyone. Even people who don't appreciate going for a 9 mile run along the shore of Little Traverse Bay just after breakfast.

Lately I have been a bit behind on my blogging. It has fallen behind my other tasks and interests and covers an array of subjects. I have elected to take on such wifely duties as attempting to make a pumpkin pie from scratch....I mean scratch as in real pumpkins, to additional requirements in my professional life, and of course IMAZ training. The IMAZ training is back on in full tilt and if you saw what I accomplished over the last few weeks you wouldn't worry about what I missed. I'm certainly not. By the way my husband and I have even taken to hosting parties and serving drinks that people have to google to figure out (PIMMS).

I could talk more about my training.....or debacles of training (Sunday's ride shortened by a mechanical) but there are far better blogs to read about that I will talk about what people seem to ask about.

How are Tim and I adjusting to married life????

Common Questions Are:

Who squeezes the tooth paste from the wrong end and how do you deal with it?

Does your husband change the roll of toilet paper after using the last sheet?

Does your husband put empty cartons of milk/orange juice back into the fridge?

Does your husband leave the toilet seat up or down?

Does your husband fold and put away his clothes or leave them in a wad on the floor?

All the women I work with seem to assume I am perfect and the husband will be the perpetrator of the offensive toothpaste squeezing. In a way, Tim is lucky. He will have a lot of get out of jail free cards because I am guilty of occasionally leaving a wet towel on the bed.

All couples need level playing fields to discuss important manners. Tim and I usually do this running or biking. I know you all think this must not be a level playing field for me but I sometimes my legs get magic powers (not so much during races). Tim and I have been put to the test slightly as his car is out of commission. Lately we have been sharing transportation. Well ...not all the time as Tim often bikes to work. The other night we were using our 4 mile run to discuss sensible transportation options. Tim kept suggesting things like a jacked up pick up truck (monster truck) or a motorcycle to use as a form of reliable transportation. Tim likes to joke and is good about doing so with a very serious voice. Apparently it riled me up and I started running faster. Tim asked me to slow down as he had just had a snack before running. Tim wouldn't admit he was kidding and said I was a "kill joy." I sped up more. I don't know where this speed was coming from but my legs were magic. Soon I heard him say (from behind) if you don't slow down I'm going to throw up. Then I played cat and mouse with the pace until Tim admitted I was A) not a kill joy and B) did not view monster trucks or motorcycles as reliable transportation. The problem with this is now Tim is going to razz me just to make me go faster.


timothy Neuschwander said...

i wonder how fast she'll go at ironman if I show up in the lifted pickup truck....

Anonymous said...

Pickup with dualies= 1:15 swim
Ducati Monster = 5:30 bike
Hummer H2= 4:00 run


Vespa = 1:45 swim
Prius = 6:45 bike
Smart car = 5:30 run

the choice is yours....