The gang post race.
Check out that smile.....
I could write a whole blog on how he got my mom to say "yes" to the tractor

Tractor Operating 101
I'll show you how it's done!
Tim had so much fun digging up stumps with the tractor. His face lit up in a way I hadn't seen since his brother Seth got him a fishing spear for Christmas. I worried Tim would drop out of surgical residency a take up tractor operating. Even worse.....I worried he would skip riding bikes with me in order to spend more time on the tractor.

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JMoTriBella said...

Man....too bad you missed the Roast and Toast. Been there a couple times. A great place! We didn't make it up north that way when we were in Elk Rapids, but maybe we'll ride that way next year. We rented bikes in Traverse and did a 60 mile round trip ride up to Leland for lunch. It was wonderful. I'll update my blog this weekend (finally) with some pics. We saw cows and Rapunzel along the old country roads! :) Looking forward to seeing you soon!