Paul and Emma's Wedding

When I said I was taking a break from training to enjoy my "oh so fabulous" life I wasn't kidding. See when I say I'm going to do something I go all the way with it. I said I was going to focus on having fun and celebrating like a celebrity. (Note to readers: must pronounce Celebrity like Bruno, Tim does an excellent imitation...."and which celebrity is in this year?")
Friday after Tim and I finished business (translate: I rode my bike 75 miles with Julie while Tim fixed a fractured elbow in the OR) we headed North to LA....actually let's be correct Beverly Hills. The occasion was Tim's friends Paul and Emma's wedding. We were honored to attend and the weekend did not disappoint. I haven't spent much time in the LA area and don't plan to do so for a weekend you can have a really great time. After the wedding we headed north to Malibu for the reception at Emma's family's vineyard. As we left the church it was hot and a windy. Tim had the surf board in the car and asked if I wanted to go for a swim (on the way to the reception). I declined on the account that my mascara would run and I think Tim was a bit disappointed in me (what a kill joy I am) I encouraged Tim to stop and surf for a bit but he didn't capitalize.
I was a little worried about how I would fit on the LA scene given that I am a girl from the Upper Pennisula.( See blog archive for guns and tractors). You see the LA area is very different from sunny San Diego. In San Diego all you need to fit in is a smile and the desire to do something in the sun. LA is more about the entertainment industry and it's a very different life. It seems everybody is either a Doctor or trying to play one on tv. Most people are just trying to "get into the business" at least that was my last impression. I was pleasantly surprised to meet Tim's friends. They were very normal, nice, fun and to my knowledge not trying to get into the business. There were definitely a few things giving me away as a San Diego girl. (Aside from my quads and ability to eat what was on my plate and not just push it around;) My tan line and my pink Oakley's were dead give aways. I guess I'll never make it in the business and it's a good thing I live in San Diego. I have excuses ....don't I always. I had intentions of purchasing a pair of over sized sunglasses but I accidentally spent my money allocated for designer sunnies on a race entry. Now the money has re accumulated but I am not sure which over sized glasses will make me look "like a celebrity" and which one will result in the bobble head look. Any suggestions? As far as the tan line goes.....Celebrities are know for their "Sexy back"look. Celebrities study Pilates with private instructors for hundreds of dollars per hour to obtain this. San Diego girls swim or surf. I swim masters at UCSD. I used to swim in the ocean every Friday but since the whole sharking incident....I've been in the pool:( Swimming masters accomplished a lot and my tan line shows it.
Tim and I had so much fun at the wedding. We enjoyed fabulous food and beverages as well as danced the night away. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the bride Emma looked. Brides always look beautiful but like an Ironman there is some preparation involved. I started to think about all the things one should probably do before there wedding day. I am sure there are lots of blogs with beauty check lists. They would focus on when to get your eyebrows waxed and your nails done ans so forth and those laser peels for your face. What are they all about. Recently I had laser therapy on my foot to help it heal but I think that's a little different. I confess that instead of reading the Knot beauty guide I was reading my friends Mer, Sassy Shan, and Jess's blogs. From their blogs I have hopped to of my world celebrities... triathletes like Amanda Lovato and Kate Major (Kate's actually has a wedding section). Anyway girls this is my shout out. If I was 30 from an Ironman I would know what to do. I have 30 days left what should be included in the beauty check list? #1 (To reference Mer's blog).....transform nasty roots. #2 fix tan line #3nails???? Am I missing anything???

Tan lines giving it away.....
Yes that's art behind us and the Pacific Ocean??

The bride and groom cut the cake.


Stacy said...

I am not sure how to help with the wedding checklist, but as far as sunglasses go, you have to get them at the cart in one of the malls. They are $15 so it doesn't matter if you break them or hate them... you're not out much money!

Cindy said...

That is one fabulous dress you are wearing!

Shan said...

Ohhh your dress is fabulous!!! I actually like that you wore your Oakleys too - that's BAD-ASS!!!! Well, I just got back from vay-cay and am hoping to meet up with a bunch of you IMAZ ladies to catch up!! I'll send out an email later this week to plan it out! :)