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Not a lot to blog about of late. Thursday, I did go for an Epic ride in East County, known as the Great Western Loop. I rode with my friends Kim and Elizabeth. It was really fun because there is a lot of climbing followed by long descents (the fun part). It was though so hot I wanted to stick my head in a bucket of ice. We actually parked behind 7-11. All I could think during that ride was that I was going to get through that ride as quickly as possible and climb in that cooler. I refrained and settled for some post ride V8, pretzels, and cold water from inside the store. In retrospect I think the cooler would have been a better idea. Later that evening I headed out for a "bachelorette" party with the 5 of my colleagues who happen to be getting married in September also. (Popular month). As I tried to get ready for a night out my face was still as bright as a tomatoe. Tim arrived just as I was alternating the use of a hot straightening iron on my hair with an ice cold bottle of Thomas Kemper Root Beer to cool my face. Classic.
Saturday, I enjoyed a lovely ride with friends Tina and Stacy , along with new pal Mary. We started at Fiesta Island and headed inland to Rancho Santa Fe. They were great company. I enjoyed catching up with Tina and Stacy and meeting Mary. We caught up on all the Bella gossip. (The Bella's are a female cycling group.....to be honest I joined because they have the cutest jersey) Speaking of jerseys....the 2008 jersey finally came. Each year we are required a new jersey with the latest sponsors. Jersey's are always hard to order because they are cut in two ways:
#1) We'll call it a womens but it really designed for an American male. Broad shoulders, no room for anything that doesn'tfit in a training bra, large paunch, loose waste so the stuff in your pockets can bounce , jiggle and give you something to worry about other than cars as you ride. This is called the relaxed fit.
#2) Euro fit.....this is designed for skinny Tour De France French Men. Long, narrow, no room for hips and the area that should hit your waist hits your hips, but it is sized for your waist which is 10 inches smaller than your  hips. Certainly there is no room for anything that doesn't fit in a training bra. They call this fit Euro Racer Fit.
 Someday I'll design jersey's for Idropboys.com and I hope I'll do a better job finding ones that fit. For now I would like to share the highlights of this jersey:
For starters. ....It's very cute.
More importantly is what the boys have to read when I finish dropping them...
Oh. ...La...La is right boys

Now it's time for a Shout Out:
To the large caucasian male, age late 30's -40's, wearing a red Clif Bar team kit and riding a white Look bike. Despite rolling the stop sign and rudely busting ahead of us as we minded THE LAW and stopped at the stop sign. (Get it.....stop sign.) Your booty got dropped. By not one, but by two ladies during a climb. Despite your size and gravity you didn't catch us on the flats or descents that followed. So nanny nanny noo noo we dropped you. We did it with manners....and skill. My parents always said "let your actions do the talking and your boots do the walking" when I was ski racing. I politely said hello and nice day as I dropped you leaving Rancho. This is more than I can say for you as you grunted past me and my girls at the stop sign ( you know the one you failed to stop at....) I have broken my own rule and allowed my blog to become inflammatory. I am certain though that you will never ever read a female cycling blog so I'm probably not offending you. So in order to follow what my parents taught me as an adult I let my shirt do the talking. Sir.....Mr. I have to get in front of the girls..... this is what my shirt has to say to you, with a flip of my pony tail, Ciao Bella.

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Cute top! Do they sell them at Saks?