R, R, and R

Rest, Relaxation, Reframing, and partying like a Rockstar.

Yes....that is my new plan to have fun and be fabulous. That was always my plan I just got my sports bra in a bind for a moment. Well maybe it's not always that way but it's more fun to spin it that way. Whatever happens this year, for better for worse, I will believe in the inner fabulousness of all those around me:) After the episode I had on Friday evening and Saturday where I verbalized my "staleness and concerns" to all those who would (or were held hostage and force to) listen I am starting fresh. I've gained valuable insight and perspective talking to Tim, Mer, Stacy, and my coach. It has been determined that I can and should take a little break from official training. This will allow me to gain some strength for future training, heal my foot, and (drum roll) enjoy every single moment of being BRIDEZILLA. That I don't want to miss.
So anyway back to partying like a rock star. Yesterday was a day of celebration. August 17th was the AFC half marathon ( where friends Jess and Stacy dropped tons of boys and looked fabulous) It's one of my favorite races because it starts on top of Cabrillo and finishes in Balboa park. When your lytes are slightly off and you are overheating you really do believe finishing in Balboa Park is magestical. I planned to run the AFC1/2 Marathon but opted for beauty sleep instead. O.k. my foot is still on strike ..but isn't the mental image of me with a beauty shield over my eyes lounging in bed until 11 a.m. more fun.
Speaking of celebrities... A few months ago I had this young trauma drama patient. He was in a motor cylce accident after driving with polysubstances in his blood stream. Anyway his crazy parents kept insisting I looked, acted, and spoke like Lindsey Lohan. They insisted on referring to me as Lindsey and requesting Lindsey Lohan be their son's nurse the next day. I thought a comparison to Lindsey Lohan couldn't be further from the truth and was slightly annoying. However.....with the way self absorbed celebritites always saying things are too much, seeking therapy and checking in to rehab I'm starting to see the similarities. Me.... whining that the choices I made are too hard, I'm too tired, and I need rehab. At least my issues are sports related and I'll try to keep them in check.
However, in honor of celebrating and partying like a rock star. I spent yesterday afternoon poolside sipping margaritas.....and pina colladas with my fabulous co-workers who threw me a bridal shower. In celebrity speak "they staged an intervention" At first, I didn't have a registry, I figured Tim and I were old (well 30) and didn't need anything (translate...we each have 3 bikes so we are set) The ladies insisted I register or have a lingerie theme. I managed to put together a few things that in some form represented Tim and I. (Like the GU ..thanks Stacy) They weren't impressed said I needed a chaperone next time. They couldn't understand how registering for bike tools would be of any benefit to me. They were like don't you get it ....this is your chance to get what you want before you have to share. I was like you have know idea how lucky I am to have Tim fixing my bike. Now don't get him any other tools because that might distract him from tuning my bikes.We registered for a few things at Macy's and several things at REI. REI ....they said I was like "well Active.dom, Moment Cycle Sport, and B&L don't have a registry.
They decided it was time for an intervention. They posted a shower invite at work stating "Jen needs help packing for her honeymoon......" Then they threatened to burn all of my sports bras. Ooohh Laa Laa, who needs to watch Grey's anatomy when you work at Scripps Mercy Hospital. When it came to opening gifts I was in for some real suprises. My cheeks may have been flushed from the sun but when I started recieving gifts like this........

from nurses who spend their breaks in the chapel reciting the rosary my cheeks were flushed for other reasons. I'll take another margarita with that.


Flatman said...

I'm feeling a little sick *cough*...


Anonymous said...

duhktor, patient is under contact precautions

Mer! said...

OMG.....so funny!! can't wait to see you tonight and I think this training break will serve you absolutely well. You only get ONE wedding time (well...we all assume!) and you totally need to just throw yourself into the spirit...Ironman will be there after, but for now...just soak up the wedding stuff!

Excited for pizza later!