The UP North Vacation: Part 2

July 28th
I call Kristi to make plans. She rattles off a long list of things we can do that we couldn't do in the "city" Take out the canoe, the fishing boat, ride the motorcycles, ride the ATV, shoot clay pigeons. I repeat shoot clay pigeons into the phone and see Tim's face light up again.
Miss Hunter's Safety.
Kristi gives Tim strict instructions on the use of fire arms.

Fire Away

O.k. I am along way off from Tales of training and racing if I'm blogging about guns.

The launcher.

"My brother is going to be so jealous"

Tim is now considered an honorary Yooper. My status as a Yooper is in question despite being born in the Upper Peninsula. Kristi's Dad was a hand gun instructor for the state police. She can hit any target. Despite my father being an Expert shooter, I am comfortable with no more than a pellet gun. I also don't like to see anything with fur die. Even if it helps restore the "natural" cycle of things or if those varmints will destroy things. My Dad actually live traps and releases else where the varmints getting into his garage. Hmmm that's a thought instead of releasing doves at the wedding we can release squirrels, raccoons, and skunks. Now that would be unique. Those guns are too big, too heavy and kick too hard for my taste. Besides I like pink carbon fiber toys.


Tim's mom said...

Looks like Tim is having a blast!

tim said...

looks like I was "stumped!"