Our Trip Part One: Triathlon, Tractors, and Tim

Saturday July 25 th

Tim and I left San Diego before it was bright and when it was squirrley early. Once again we had packed up our bikes. We flew into Traverse City....the Cherry Capital of the world for those wondering. Then drove north to the U.P. We arrived at about 8:30 p.m. Eastern time. At which time we ate dinner then Tim assembled his bike.(Notice I didn't say we assembled Tim's bike:) I acted as team manager and double checked all details for the next days race. My parents were going to watch along with my good friends Kristi and Brian. Despite being slightly weary travelers we could feel the pre race excitement. I really wanted to race in my home area with my friends and family there. Maybe I can race I thought as I unpacked my gear. "My foot feels a little better." Tim stifled a laugh. "Does it hurt to stand?" He asked . Ummm....just a little, but maybe in the heat of the race I wouldn't notice. "Then you can't race" Tim said. "No fair....you get to race and you're half sick," I replied. I decided to test my foot. I threw my running shoes on. About 30 seconds later I returned to the garage recommitted to my role of team manager:)
Around 11:30 p.m. Tim finished assembling his bike and packed his gear. As the team manager I should have enforced a 9:30 p.m. lights out curfew the night before a race. However, in this case we had to wing it a little as we had just arrived. The reality of racing for Tim as it might be a long time until he is well rested before a race.

July 26th: Race Report.

All athletes must write a race report. Tables are turned. This time I'm living vicariously through Tim.
I took my role of team manager very seriously and was the first one up in the house. I figured I should be first at something today. I made oatmeal for Tim. I rationed it to be sure he didn't eat too much. I wouldn't want Quaker Oats to haunt him on the swim. Tim had 2.5 hours before race time. I also packed some coffee to go. I herded everyone out the door and drove Tim to the race start. I dropped Tim at the start (like a rockstar), found parking and called Kristi and Brian to give them the scoop. The race start was very near the Shepler dock. We noted quite a wake from the 7:30 a.m. departure to Mackinac Island. My parents worried the 8:30 boat would affect Tim. I said don't worry...he'll be done in 12 -13 minutes. As it happened Tim was out of the water in 12:47. Everybody was in awe of how accurate my prediction was. I smiled smugly not sharing that this was simple math since at masters you swim in a lane based on your 100m time. Truth was I was a little worried about Tim during the swim. Not because he was still somewhat sick but because I feared he may have a wardrobe malfunction. His wetsuit zipper was gaping a bit at the bottom. I helped him get the zipper up but I wasn't sure it would hold. Tim's wetsuit held and he was 5th over all out of the water.

5th out of the water.....yeah for Tim

Where's the aero helmet??

T1: Tired Tim's Transition

Tim transitioned quickly to the bike. This is where Tim could turn the hurt on people on a normal day. We chose not to bring our race wheels or aero helmets to keep the luggage down. Still I knew Tim could make some people hurt out there. (I'm the usual suspect). Tim did very well and went fast. I noticed the "I'm gonna destroy everybody" twinkle was not in his eyes. I worried he might stop for a cup of coffee or take a nap on the way. I think a nap is what he really needed. Once again I correctly predicted Tim's mile per hour pace. What can I say? When you have logged as many miles as we have together the pace is like clockwork. I was a little wistful watching the competition go by. This was a bike heavy sprint. 800 m swim, 18 mile bike, 3.1 mile run. Usually in a sprint the bike is only 12-13 miles. The bike is my strength and I can belt out a fast 5k if needed. The swim wouldn't be long enough to fall too far behind. I let the wistfulness go. I have raced 4 times this year and I have had 4 good races (I count club races :) That is more than I can ask for. I'll be back strong again. I just have to be patient, something I am not good at.
Tim came into T2 at a good clip. "There's Pumpkin" My mom said as Tim came in to view. Too bad Tim didn't hear that. He would have went 30 seconds faster for sure. He wasn't too happy with me for naming his bike "Pumpkin" or sharing it with the entire world on my blog. He said he preferred it be called "The Shining Stallion," but Pumpkin stuck. As for the run I again correctly predicted Tim's time. I didn't take long and Tim was running down the finish chute. He maintained a good pace but again lacked that "I'm out here to go as fast as humanly possible look." Tim commented the race was fun but he was knackered. He didn't have much in him from being sick. As he hacked we all questioned if he was still sick.
Tim wanted a nap and my mom's baked goods more than anything. I didn't insist we stay as I had my own time trial to attend:) We headed home, skipping the awards ceremony. Later we found Tim placed 2nd in his age. He missed 1st by 30 second and out split the first place guy on the run. Wow!!!!!Strong work.
Tim seemed moderately pleased by this result. His eyes still lacked that twinkle.....until my Dad showed Tim the tractor . Digging up stumps with a tractor is Tim's new found passion.

Ladies and Gentlemen I now present 2nd place M30-34, Tired Tim!!!

"Ugg...can I take a nap now"

Tim's face when I tell him there is fudge at the aid stations and for winning.

My mom and dad spectating their first triathlon, debating weather or not to get Tim a pre race apple fritter from the bakery across the street.

Ready for a swim in Lake Huron

Good job Tim.

2nd Place AG

Mackinaw Multi Sport Mix

Sorry there was Hammer products instead of fudge at the aid stations. I fibbed.

View of the Mighty Mac...the Mackinac Bridge.

It connects Michigan's Upper and Lower Pennisula

Friends Kristi and Brian come and cheer Tim on. Thanks guys!!!

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