Vacation around the bend

Flash backs from one year ago.
"Vacation again".....your probably thinking. "Didn't you just get back?" Yup. Saturday, Tim and I (and hopefully two of our bikes) are going to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to see my family. Last year, we titled our trip running camp. We spent so much time running on all the cool trails......that was when we weren't eating my mom's baked goods and garden fresh tomatoes. Tim had fun shooting my Dad's pellet gun as well. In the U.P. we do such things. This year was going to be full on triathlon extravaganza fueled again by my mom's baked goods. However, with Tim being sick and my foot injured I think it will be more like "scenic bike". You know the kind of bike tours people spend a lot of money to ride like 30 miles a day. They stopping every 5 miles to "refuel". A friend of mine used to guide these tours she called them "fatty bike tours." Yes.... that might be just right for us at this time.
So mom if your reading.....we might need a lot of cookies to support our rides. You don't want me eating that sugary sticky syrupy stuff do you? I might "track" it in the house some how. I could get everything sticky. Besides I think there is magic healing powers in molasses cookies ( especially when Mo-lasses is pronounce in a politically incorrect way) Also, the anti-oxidants in rhubarb are necessary for our recovery. Probably better than goji berries. So some spring tonic may be in order along with the rhubarb bread cake. Yum yum.

If Tim is still sick or if I get his sick:) we might have to leave our bikes in San Diego (shed 1 tear only please) At this point we will title our trip "reading and respite." Oh yeah and we will finalize all of the wedding details. Now insert the collective sigh from both sets of parents who secretly worry we will be lost on the running trails and late for our own wedding.

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