Moving again

After  four months in the La Jolla village studio (aka the shed.....per brother Tom) I am moving to the home Tim and I will share once married. Shout out to Tim for this is the third time he's helped me move. When somebody helps you move they get a good window in to your good and bad habits. For starters I have no less than 7 pairs of running shoes. All very justifiable in the world Jen. Racing shoes, racing flats, trainers, new shoes...the keep ahead pair that you had to buy while they were on sale, trail shoes, retired shoes now used for walking, and the pair that didn't work for running demoted to work shoes. That's only the beginning of my loot. I enjoy life and have a lot of hobbies. I even have up back hobbies like books and knitting just in case I should ever be sick or injured and unable to swim, bike, run, or even do yoga. It must be an act of God that after helping me move all this stuff Tim still agrees to marry me. Maybe it's because of the three cookie sheets, two muffin trays, and one pie pan Tim helped  move. 

 I am strangely soar despite no epic training this weekend. Moving is sort of like an Ironman. Not quite as early as a true Ironman would start, we drove a very large borrowed truck to Tim's grandmother's storage unit in Oceanside. There we found many things in addition to the dresser and dining room set we came for. We found the clip to a gun. What's funny about this is the gun belonged to Tim's great grandmother. She lived to be 101. According to Tim she was very spry and carried it in her purse in case she was mugged. We also found at least 1/2 dozen grabbers from Tim's larger than life grandfather. As he aged  he strategically placed them around his home. I made use of them by untying Tim's shoes and even trying to inflict a "wedgie" on Tim. By 8:30 last night we had all of my stuff moved. I even had cleaned the La Jolla studio. Tim sighed with the relief that despite moving all of my stuff we still had plenty of room for his things. 


Tim's Dad said...

OK so Tim can now remove from our home his skiis, snowboard (yours too Jenn), skateboard, rock climbing equipment, books, kayak, trumpet, Russian Army coat, etc. Hurray!
OK Jenn, where are the pics of the new shed?

Jennifer Yake said...

Pictures are coming but SSSSHHHHH! You are going to get my parents started about the goods I have stored in the U.P. Remnants of a former life. Another pair of skis, Swix tune table, wax iron, tuning gear. GS suit, helmet with slalom guard.

Jennifer Yake said...
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