Vineman 70.3

Congrats to all those who did Vineman 70.3 this weekend. Shout out to Bruce, my future Father in law who placed 3rd in his age and earned a Clearwater World's spot. Shout out to Meredith who demolished the field and nailed everything including the run.
You guys ripped it up.


your new future Dad in law said...

Wish you were there. Your type of course. You would have gone under 4:30. I saw Lieto struggle to get out of his wetsuit and Sam McClone breathing very heavy as she pushed her bike in T1...still mortals.
I was on the run return and the aid stations are on the rt hand side of the road. We had to run on the left. So as I was going through the aid station a guy comingfrom the other direction (my right) calls out for gatorade. The gal on my left, handing out drinks to the returning runners on my side, holds out her arm with 4 full cups of gatorade in here hand for him....right in front of my chest....

Jennifer Yake said...

4:30 Ha Ha Ha. I think I cracked a rib laughing. You mean 5:30. Strong work though.

Mer! said...

Hi Jen!! thank you so much for your wishes for me!! I'm about to write my race work. It's one of those days =0.

But, i wanted to say how SO sad I was to hear about your Garmin. I hate losing stuff like that and you couldn't find it..and then your nutrition....NOT a fair day for JY....not fair!!!

I cannot WAIT to start riding and training together for that Vineman is done, I have the Boulder Long Course in 2 weeks, but then it's all AZ baby! I am toying with the idea of doing SOMA end of October!

we need another dinner soon! I miss you!

Jennifer Yake said...

Hey Mer,

Thanks for the cheers. I kind of wanted to stop at Pannikin any way (although it didn't turn out so well) Loosing the Garmin was bad becuase I need to know how fast I'm running but it saved me from knowing how slow I was Saturday. Sometimes the Garmin is a buzz kill. Destroys the chance to be legend of my mind :)

I'm looking forword to training and hanging out with you again soon. You are really ripping things up. It would be great to do some brick workouts. SOMA in the end of October....hmmm that's something to think about. I really haven't raced much this year for all the training I have done. I'll have to see what's on the work horizon and in the piggy bank:)