Tour De France

It's officially summer and with it comes the Tour De France. I'm not much of a tv watcher but for the Tour I'll tune in. It's time for me to enjoy the climbs and the scenery with out any of the work.


will compete for food said...

Didn't Tim try out for le Tour this year? Next year, then.

Jennifer Yake said...

Tim has not mentioned trying out for the Tour. He has mentioned quitting residency and working in a bike shop. I have an idea... how about I quit my job too and we open a store called "Bikes, Books, and Baked Goods". Cool??? Never mind that wouldn't work Tim would eat all the baked good before I could sell them. I guess I'll keep my day job.

daily 30 mile rider said...

Dear Miss Manners of IDB,
What is the correct response when a truck honks at you on a narrow, non passing road and when it finally passes you, the driver turns on the windshield cleaner and you and your riding glasses are covered with snizzle and your vision is compromised? I was envisioning a windshield full of chunky mud in return but was lacking the materials needed at that particular moment.