Happy Monday

Today started with a splash....O.k. so that was a bad pun. Many days off start with a splash. Just as I was heading to morning swim Tim was returning from work. I swim at the crack of dawn (well not quite....I usually attend 7:30 a.m. masters but in case you haven't noticed by now....I'm a drama queen:) This seems impressive until you realize that people like Tim start work at 0500. Anyway poor Tim was sent home from work because he was sick. Febrile with no voice. Scaring the patients and his co workers. Ugg. No fun for poor Tim. Those worried about my Ironman recovery, forget it......worry about Tim. I have the luxury of sleeping at night. Anyway Tim insisted I go to swim anyway and I did. I'm not a very quiet person so it was probably best I burned up some energy while Tim dozed. After swim I swung by Trader Joe's and bought frozen fruit bars in the premise that if ice helps my foot it would help Tim's throat. I also bought some more tea. I think Tim has been existing solely on the licorice spice tea my mom gave me. I was worried I might run out of tea for Tim. Feeling assured that Tim's hydration needs were met I bought Tim some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I figured he needed some calories and this would be the easiest way to ensure his needs were met. After all a spoonful is probably 20% of the daily allowance for calories. I returned to find a dozy Tim. He insisted I go for my bike ride. Well, I was planning to go but I thought it might be nice to keep Tim company. He mentioned that I shouldn't be hanging around a sick person all day. It wasn't good for me. Hee Hee Hee. That's what I do for a living. The nurse in me recognized a difficult patient so I gave Tim the option of ice cream or a frozen fruit bar. I knew he'd take the frozen fruit bar if ice cream was the alternative. However, if I didn't offer him a choice he would have refused everything except tea. Eventually after ensuring Tim was taking enough fluids with his ibuprofen (....didn't want any kidney failure ) I left for my bike ride. Once again, I figured he would rest better without me bouncing all over the living room.

Despite missing Tim on the ride. I must say today was an excellent day for a bike ride. I can't tell you my speed because Saturday my Garmin went AWOL from it's holster while I was descending Via Capri. I climbed the whole way back up that mountain but couldn't find it. (So far I'm 0-2 with Mt. Soledad.) Loosing my Garmin was sad, so sad. I still managed to ride to the highest point in coastal North County so all was not lost. I had another slight mishap Saturday when one of my rear bottles launched itself and the other tried to escape while I was descending from San Elijo into San Marcos. I found the bottle hanging from the hair tie I use to ensure the hydro tail does not act as a bottle launcher. The bottle was actually dragging on the tire. I shoved it back into it cage and noticed a while later it was empty. Hmmm. What's up with that? The tire had created a pin whole in the bottle. Now my "Sustained Energy" was coating my brakes and rear derailleur. What a sticky mess. My mom wouldn't like that at all. It was a long ride with a lot of climbing so I needed those calories. Loosing 5 lbs in real life is great. Loosing 500 calories 50 miles from home is never a good thing. I heard myself singing "Oh happy day" in a quivery voice while heading into Carlsbad. I knew it was a pit stop soon or a bus ride home. Inspired by Tim I stopped at Pannikin an ordered an iced mocha. I am very dogmatic by nature. I never stop at Pannikin on my bike alone. I just don't. Coffee shops are for company. I texted Tim from Pannikin and he replied he was sick. I felt bad for him. He should be out enjoying the day. Instead he was at work and sick. I slammed the ice mocha, headed back out on my bike.....and then ....well.... I got a little sick. I forgot to soft pedal post mocha and it was a mistake. Oops. I'll stick to black iced coffee from now on. I chilled out a bit while the mocha settle. Luckily I managed to get home without any other issues.

Despite the long ride and lots of climbing Saturday my legs felt grreeaat today. I just rode the coast to Oceanside. It was the best today could be an awesome breeze, even a tail wind on the way home. I barely noticed climbing Torrey. Maybe there's something to be said for not knowing your speed:) It was then I titled my ride Happy Monday.

Tim was feeling and looking a little bit better. I asked him if he was compliant with the frozen fruit bars.....he said he had eaten 4 of them so I think he will live. Hopefully he will be better soon. Vacation is just around the bend.

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