Sex or the City meets Sporty and Sassy in San Diego

This Sunday was the release of the movie Sex in the City. If you haven't heard of it you don't read the paper, listen to the radio, watch TV, or surf the web. That's OK. I respect that. My TV is never on (but my computer is). If it rained really hard you could bet I would set up my trainer in front of the TV and watch all the old episodes. I would time my visits to the treadmill to coincide with the time Sex in the City reruns aired at the gym.
OK, I know my mom and dad are choking on their coffee now. I apologize if you coughed on the computer screen. The story is beyond the attention grabbing risque behaviors of some of the characters. The writing is very clever and the characters are developed so well you feel like they are real people. The writers have stated to use situations their friends or they personally encountered. When the show was at it's peak I was a travel nurse. It was set in New York city. It seemed to catch the soul of the city in a way that made me want to go there. The show captured the fashion and energy of New York city. It focused on four mid-thirties female characters and it's story tackled socially-relevant issues, often specifically dealing with women in society. It captured how changing roles affected the women and their relationship's with others. I day-dreamed of taking a travel assignment in New York City. My love of sports and San Diego just got in the way. Two years ago this May I officially became a San Diegan. I officially left the world of travel nursing (after two unofficial years in San Diego) I renounced my title of gypsy nurse. I traded my suitcases for a wetsuit and road bike. I joined the tri club and inherited a great group of girlfriends. While life has taken a few of them else where the majority are still in San Diego and still active in the tri club. At first glance you might not think we have a lot in common with the characters and story line of SATC. Look a little deeper you will note the similarities. If they ever want to make a San Diego spin off. They could use us as the characters. I'm quite certain in the city where more copies of Triathlete Magazine and the Competitor circulate than Time Magazine or Newsweek the show would be a hit.

The Plot:

The show is from the narrative perspective of the main character. The character of Carrie Bradshaw, a woman who was also working as a writer and living in New York City. The narrative of the show focuses on Carrie and her three best friends. The women discuss their desires and fantasies, and their travails in life and love. The show often depicts frank discussions about romance and sexuality, particularly in the context of being a successful woman in the city. (o.k. that line wasn't quite plagiarized) . I'm not much like Carrie. She smokes and I bike, but I do peck away at the keyboard and I do share my narrative.

The San Diego Cast would consist of a group and young and fabulous ladies from San Diego. All are successful professionals. All have a flair for triathlons. Some would say we don't have the same flair for fashion but that is not the case. We are the girls who like diamonds, pearls, and carbon fiber. We sport Bento boxes on our bikes that would rival any Prada purse. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize. I couldn't help but notice the special edition Manolo Blahniks that are coming out in honor of Sex and the City. They are blue with a silver buckle. My bike shoes are blue with a sliver buckle. See the similarity.

Sex in the City is filled with many humorous and engaging stories. There are websites full of quotable moments from the show. For example: when Carrie gets dumped on a post it note. The girls on the show meet for brunch and talk all about it. This sounds familiar to when Elaine went on a cycling date with a roadie. She got a flat tire. She changed the tire herself. She was riding to catch up when he noticed she wasn't there. Shmuck......this gave us lots to talk about on our weekend ride. What kind of a fool was this guy and where were his manners? Tim said he should have ridden straight for the boarder. In another episode Miranda, the cynical but successful lawyer gets annoyed when people repetitively ask her if she's dating anybody special. She replies "No, but I'm dating a whole lot of not special guys." I can relate to that when the random coworker or nieghbor, who mind you hasn't ran a 10k in the last 10 years asks me how my triathlon went. When I tell them I was satisifed with my performance they will start rattling off run times of people they claim to know. So and so, now she or he is a legitimate runner. She he went 15:42 in a 5k (in 1982). Good for them I reply. I'm biting my tongue though, what part of Sunday's 16 mile run or Monday's 4 mile run after a 12 hour shift was illegitimate? I think I will change my blog title to Tales of the Illegitimate Runner.

We all have these stories and situations and it's fun to share them with each other. We all share a certain bond. I guess that's why they call it the sisterhood. To the girls. Thank you for being my friends.

The San Diego Cast (but not all inclusive)

Missing from photo because she's taking it:
Miss Stacy Schlocker: She's fabulous. Accomplishments include finishing medical residency, qualifying for the "Boston" and finishing her first half Ironman. All done while in residency. The queen of time management.
Front left:
Mrs. Meredith Trowbrdige:She holds a masters degree, counsels those who suffer from post traumatic stress (and this stress is unrelated to Ironman racing and training) , also holds a sub 12 hour Ironman finish.
Next up
Me: You all know me but in case you missed anything. Full time ICU nurse. Ironman finishes are pending:) Hobbies. Trying to drop boys while wearing/rolling pink
Center Front:
Miss Jessica Motyl:U of M grad and engineer for GE. How's that for hanging with the boys. Pursuing an MBA while successfully training for IMAZ and maintaining a relationship with her steady Pat. Claim to fame: racing with a smile.
Center Back:
Miss Julie Uhlendorf: Former cartographer Julia traded in her map making to stay in San Diego and become the first female to manage a Specialized concept store in the nation. She truly is the woman in the know. She is fast, fierce and quit witted. She has mastered maneuvers to drop boys now referred to as "The Julia". Claim to fame. Winner of the Rosarita to Ensenada bike race.
Front right:
Miss Elaine Bergeron: Sweet and southern. Elaine can drop most any guy who tries to ride on her rear wheel. Elaine also holds a masters degree as well as many famous quotes. She works for and spends a lot of her free time doing charity work. Claim to fame: 24 hour mountain bike races and entire road rides done "in the big ring"
Right Back:
Miss Tina Chen: Tina is a psychologist. She can psychoanalyze you as she drops you from her rear wheel. Claim to fame: Beyond posting a super smoking bike split at last years Big Kahuna, Tina is an accomplished Salsa dancer. She also hosts fabulous parties and girls nights. Tina is sensational
There are so many others but I had to limit it to the ones I'm lucky enough to hang around with the most.
I will leave you with one last quote:
Security guard: Mam there is no smoking.
Carrie: Sir, I have an addiction.
Tim: You've been blogging for hours.
Me:Tim, I have an addiction


JMoTriBella said...

Love it! :)

Mer! said...

SO CREATIVE!!! I love it!!

I finally set up my blog so I can have a list of people whose blogs I read on the side.

Does that make sense? Right, didn't think so, anyway, you are one of my "reads," that I read...=0 hehe.

tim said...

you've been blogging for hours.

Jennifer Yake said...

I have an addiction

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