Greetings from Coeur D'Alene

Lake Coeur D'Alene

The New Bling: Ironman Bracelet

My quirk...I never remove my last race number replace it with a new race number

Sorry to be so delinquent in posting this update. Tim and I arrived in CDA Thursday without a hitch. CDA is buzzing and has the energy only a cold northern climate could have when savoring the joy of summer. We are having a great time. We are really thankful for the opportunity to race here and spend the time with each and Tim's family.

As for the's great. I love it because the extra neoprene does me well. I feel I have never swam so fast, so easily. We went straight to Lake Couer D'Alene on Thursday (before even checking into our hotel) and started swimming. Initially the water felt very cold and I wined for a few minutes that my hands were cold and hurt. After a few minutes of "chase the bubbles" a game where Tim swims ahead of me and I follow his kick bubbles, I was giggling telling Tim how fun this was. We have been in the water everyday and each day the water feels warmer. I'm looking forward to the swim and my main concern is that my booties are so tight I might have to do the bike and run with them. Maybe I should slip the wet suit stripper a $20 and see if s/he can pull my booties off too.

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