Lucky FridAY THE 13TH

Today is Friday the 13Th. I declare it a lucky day.

All week I've been a complete and utter worry wort regarding Iron Man. I began worrying about my worrying and how much energy I was wasting. Poor Tim had to listen to me perseverate. I began to worry that he might change his mind about wanting to spend his life with me :) After our morning swim workout and 20 mile bike ride we received a very interesting e-mail. (Yes....we were slowed by the U.S.Open during our ride. No....we didn't see Tiger Woods) North America Sports/ Iron man sent out an e-mail warning swimmers of frigid water temps in Couer D'Alene. The water is likely to be 50 degrees. Wetsuits are required. Booties and neoprene caps are advised. Now I have something to worry about. 60 is considered cold. Instead of becoming more worried I felt a bit calmer. Tim predicted this (as usual he is right). I had been putting up a fuss all week about wearing the booties and cap if not needed because they are a little cumbersome. The bottom line is I want to finish this race. Bring on the booties and the neoprene cap. Bring it all on. Iron man I may not know, but obstacles (such as overcoming cold water) that I know. Remember the story of me falling through the ice.
This evening Tim was on call:( I met my triathlete friends at a fundraiser event Elaine hosted. It was really fun hanging out with the gang. Everyone was so encouraging and had such positive things to say. It reminded me of how lucky I am and how exciting my life is right now. I count my blessing to be in this position entering Ironman: I have completed my training. I am not injured. I am not sick. I even look well nourished, not sallow like most Iron man (inside joke). The same is to be said of my training partner and fiance Tim, as well as Tim's father Bruce. What more could I ask for? A pink Guru bike.....oh well I have that too. My game brain is back and I'm starting to get excited. The only down side is I'm starting to get excited and it's 9:50 p.m. ....uh-0h time to get some beauty sleep.

Good Night


Mer! said...

I just got home!! It was so great seeing you tonight and i'm glad we helped put your mind at ease.

Right now, this week is hard because you start wondering about the what if's "what if I didn't train right," "what if I trained on all the wrong things," "What if these booties cause me to need more calories =0"....just remember what Shan said, figure out what you can do to fix things as you go..and just remember all the long rides, the sacrifices you've made----remember all of us rooting for you and I PROMISE you--it'll be easier on your mind.

Take one section at a time...and then give yourself props for finishing EACH section..and if one doesn't go well, still give yourself props for finishing and focus on what is next!

Jen, you're coming off an already-awesome race season start,cold or not cold, you will do terrific, I just know it!

HUGS! And we will be totally watching next weekend (via, Ironman live of course!).

Cindy said...

You will be awesome, as will Tim and Bruce. I can feel it in my cheering bones. Ironman coffee mugs . . . Here they come!


Iron Warrior said...

Hey Jenn,

Psalm 27:14 "Be strong and take heart."

recumbent on the beach said...

The obstacles you know, you can control. Expect unexpected obstacles and focus on powering through them with confidence and control. Expect unexpected blessings and triumphs and you will have victory and joy. You will have a great day. The prayers and cheers of all your friends and family will lift you and carry you with swiftness and strength to the place where you will hear, "Jennifer Yake from La Jolla, California. Jenn, you are an IRONMAN." Then into Tim's arms (unless you dropped him big time on the bike).

Stacy said...

First of all nice use of the word perseverate... one of my favorites!

Second you don't look a bit sallow... you look healthy, beautiful and radiant!

I am so excited for you! Like everyone else I will be glued to my computer watching your progress.

You inspire me!

Anonymous said...

Miss Manners,
I know you are a cycling expert, but I need help with running manners! Yesterday at the club race, I caught up to a middle-aged guy and as I was just about to drop him, he turned and stated "Please don't do it. It will kill my pride!"
What's a girl to do?

Jennifer Yake said...

Make eye contact, smile, and invite him to join you. Be sincere. Do expect a little more spring in your step as you open the gap on him. By inviting him to run with you, you have allowed him to take ownership of his level of fitness. You have also given him a more realistic view of what females can do. Miss Manners does not approve of sandbagging to save a man's ego.

Jennifer Yake said...

Also ....props for dropping a boy. Keep up the good work.

Shan said...

You are going to ROCK IM CDA - I have utter and complete faith in you!! :)

Much love,