finds a new member

If you've been following my blog you probably read the story about the flying nun, Madonna Buder. She's 78 years old and still running the Boston and completing Ironman and I don't think there is a finer soul than she. I have been wanting to meet her and invite her to be a member of the club.
Tim's parents were aware of this wish and went to great lengths to arrange a suprise meeting with Madonna Buder.
With a blessing from Madonna Buder.....what more could we need.


A Coeur d' Alene fan said...

Go Jen, go! Sister Madonna Buder is a wonderful day before race inspiration! You and Tim will have a great day! Remember, always look fabulous!

Shan said...

JEN!!! YOU ROCKED CDA!!! Wow, what a bike split - when you get back, we are riding together and you're going to teach me a few things :)

Can't wait for your race report - congrats!!!!!!

Mer! said...

I KNEW IT!! You're an Iron(wo)man!!! So fantastic..can't wait for you to recuperate and kick my ass on the, Shan is right, what a bike split, you are going to be CRAZY fast in IMAZ!!!! HUGS and congrats..we all knew you'd rock...
Can't wait for the race report!


Jennifer Yake said...

Thanks ladies,

I thought of all your words of wisdom and the IM pearls you shared with me. I had a lot of little bobbles but I fixed them and moved on. I knew I wasn't the only one with these challenges. You ladies rock the bike and Ironman yourself. Certainly we will ride and when we get off the bike I hope to chase after you speed demons on a run.

Hugs and Thanks,

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Your face lit up and is still glowing which resulted in a PR marathon time, or thereabouts, no? You kept everything under control and were very successful. Your tri buddies can't keep up now. You will be smokin at IAZ, maybe 11:20, eh eh.

Jennifer Yake said...

Thanks. I am still glowing. My SD tri buddies will certainly keep up. We will all go fast. I didn't quite PR the marathon. I thought it would be uber cool to PR a marathon at an Ironman.I actually needed to run 30 about minutes faster. It was however faster than my 1999 anemic marathon of over 5 hours....ugg while my poor Mom and Dad waited in the rain and wind. It was my goal, my vision, and my dream to PR my marathon at CDA. I did not deliver, but I kept on trucking, and I will keep on trucking. My vision actually had meaning running fast,in the dark with a glow stick. Maybe that's an IMAZ vison.