Refusing to give up on my day job.

I've done it. Ironman is almost here. I haven't done the Iron man yet... but minus the next 12 days of taper I have finished my training. I think it's good timing. I realized Saturday that I might be a little tired. Denial is my style so it takes a lot for me to say outloud I'm knackered. I have managed to get through all of my training without becoming injured. Minus last weeks allergies I have not been sick. The last few weeks have been busy though and I found myself feeling rather short fused. I was working on Saturday and nothing seemed to roll off me. Usually I do a better job letting things roll. I couldn't or maybe I just wouldn't. I did have my coworkers in stitches when I asked them if our deceased patients met in heaven and talked about the "care" they received during the last few hours on earth. Saturday, I was a little frustrated by a family member who wanted me to keep his father alive until he found the cheapest funeral home in town. He wouldn't come into see the his father and what "do everything" entailed. He said there was really no point. Meanwhile the patient was sustained on drugs that didn't allow any blood flow to his fingers, toes, earlobes or another unmentionable area. Later after all was said and done. I called the son to let him know his father had passed. I needed the mailing address of the son. The son gave me the information, spoke to mevery slowly in a childlike manner and told me to be sure to address it as PhD. He wanted to make sure his title was on the address. Now I was really hot. All along I thought I was dealing with somebody uneducated who didn't know better. I took everything great restraint to not address the envelope as master plumber, better yet sanitation specialists, or how about pooper scooper. I spouted off that I imagined our deceased patients talking to each beyond the pearly white gates of heaven. One would say "It was the strangest thing. For a long time it was dark and peaceful except for some soft giggling (night shift..they do a wonderful job, they just have fun doing it) . The lights went on and it got really noisy. A new nurse came in ....I don't remember her name but she was a little freckle faced girl. She seemed nice at first but just as I was drifting off to this really deep comfortable sleep I felt a thump across my chest. She began pumping on my chest over and over again. Darn that little freckle faced girl. She broke all my ribs " We all laughed. One of my co workers mentioned I must have been really stressed with wedding plans usually I don't let things get to me. Reality is this sitation is typical in my line of work. I laughed but I was a little embarrassed. I laughed because the wedding plans were one of the many things on my calendar. This year in addition to my Iron man training. I have accepted (or been assigned) new roles at work requiring additional classes, scheduling commitments, and responsibilities. Just when you get good at what you do...and able to function on autopilot somebody throws a wrench in things. Not that I wanted to be on auto pilot my whole life I was just hoping to squeak out 2008 this way. Given my long term career goals in the ICU I thought it not wise to turn down these roles. In fact other terms for the declination might be.....stupid. Also the responsibilities come with a differential that pays my race entries and coaching. I never anticipated 2008 to be such a big year. By the end I will have married Tim (most importantly), moved twice, finished an Iron man with my maiden name and with my married name:) (I hope), in addition to the work responsibilities. I guess all things considered it is normal to unravel a bit at times. Every so often it's good to step back and take stock in your life. Look at what you've accomplished, what you want to accomplish and modify behaviors to make things happen. I was a little embarrassed. I had that ickk feeling with myself. Is this really the way I want to be, act, or feel, so irritable and cynical? I doubt it. Scratch that.....definitely not. What better time to realize you need a bit of a break though than taper week. So during taper week I will rejuvenate physiology and my psychology:)
I am going to determined to put my plan into action. Tim's on call and I made him two promises #1) I would eat a good dinner (he thinks oatmeal is unfit for dinner)
#2) I would go to bed early.

Last night I officially kicked off taper week with a light hearted viewing of "Sex and The City" with Stacy, Julia, and Tina. It was a great time. We were not disappointed. I think I will write Sarah Jessica Parker and ask her a few questions.

A) How she got those abs?
B) How she runs in those heels?

OH MY GOSH......She did, didn't she.
C) Did she get those abs by running in her Manolo Blahniks ? ...... Sign me up. Thanks

Well folks it's 9:00 p.m. and time to put my plan into action. No staying up all night blogging.

I leave you with another quote
Again from Sex in the city:
Mr Big: I'm tired. I'm tired of the city. I'm moving to Napa
Carrie: When your tired you take a nap. You don't move to Napa

Photos swiped from B&L's website:)

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tim said...

Cute story. hope you feel rested and rejuvenated.