Trails Fest 2014

Recently my parents participated in the NTN trails festival weekend. 
 It was basically a weekend of celebrity the awesome trails our town has to offer. You can hike them, bike them, ride them, run them, or race them. Race them in many ways. Races were held to generate some money to build more trails. There were options to race XC, dual slalom, enduro, and a trail run.
 Thanks to my Grandparents well timed visit my parents didn't have to pick  one they picked them all. By the end of the weekend my parents accumulated a lot of hardware and a lot of aches and pains. It's an awesome opportunity to stretch your talents, experience, and limits and to sleep in your own bed the night before a race. Think global, race local, and have a jolly good time. That's my Mom, wearing her big girl pants and getting caught with her pants down as Cooper pulls ahead.  In the dual slalom there are no age categories and no classes. My Mom used to help Cooper buckle her ski boots and onto the chairlift when Cooper was my age and now Cooper is a pro rider. What does that tell you? The ski is the limit for me.
 Well almost all the events. I'm spilling the beans they did not compete in the downhill and they only raced the 5K trail run when in truth they really could have done the 1/2 marathon the morning of their Enduro bike race. I don't know what they were thinking the 1/2 marathon only went up the ski hill once and a summited a mtn climb that takes 8 minutes to pedal a bike up. Wimps!

 Grandpa was quick to get started on a project. A playhouse it will be. I mean if the chicks goat chicken coop shouldn't I have a playhouse.
 It's not quite finished but that hasn't dampened my tea parties. Come on over, lemon tea is my specialty.
Look at my digs. If my LA landlord could see me now. 
Thanks Marquette Photo for taking the amazing photos we were able to post to Facebook. I'm sorry I couldn't upload them to the blog, but you make my parents look like super stars and forever they will hang on the basement wall with glory.  I say cheers to that.

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