Daddy Daughter Date

This weekend my Mom took the opportunity to road trip to Cable/Hayward Wisconsin with a couple of other Mom's to race their mountain bikes. 
The Mom's may have been at a Wisco Disco  but I had a Daddy Daughter date!
 Don't worry I didn't do anything out of the ordinary...You know the usual. Play at the beach ..naked..with icebergs.
 But like a weekend in Vegas..What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas. So a few things may have happened while Mama was at the Wisco Disco I may have sipped Root Beer at the Boarder Grill

I may have eaten a little frozen yogurt or a lot. I suppose you want an update on my Mom's race. I'll keep it short and sweet because my fro yo is melting. The race course and company were top notch. My Mom felt a little like the person who pulled an all nighter studying for a final as the trails were soaked with snow less than 3 weeks ago. She didn't feel super confident about pushing to the front of the line up for the roll out ok she was in line for the porta potty. Leaving the start she was boxed in bad choices ) and by the time she got to the single track it was like waiting in line for the Walmart cashier to ring you up. By the way, the person in front of you has a coupon but they just have to find it.  Racing tight turn single track for 32 of the 34 miles is awesome but it is hard to pass until the second half. Many lessons learned mucho ego deflated .This is not a marathon, triathlon, nor a race on wide open pavement. If you don't get out in good position in a race like this it is over in terms of racing because you are on the brakes or off the bike even while the contenders are riding ahead of the traffic jam and in the end it only your own fault. Oh frustration station ! A times like this I think "Oh What would Pete the Cat Say?"

I am sure he'd say move it along. "Move it along! Move it along! When on race day we fail, we move it along!"

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