That's A Lot of Candles!

 Recently my Mom had a birthday. I did a great job singing her happy birthday but I couldn't quite count high enough to account for all the candles on the plate. 
 It was a happy day seeing as there was cake but a sad day as I had a fever. No fun! I rallied for the cake cutting. Currently, I am afraid of fire, flames, and loud noises so I couldn't bring myself to watch as my Mom attempted to blow out the candles.
 I rallied back quickly and was set to (tea) party. My Mother shares her birthday with the black flies. Thank goodness for the screen porch. My screen porch has a wonderful coffee house feel except it's age appropriate for toddlers so instead a chess boards we have puzzles.

 Now that winter is over we sure are enjoying summer riding. It appears I can ride off road too. Annika Ruth...Rolling with the Daisies!
 I can also drop boys. My Dad's wheel might be a hair in front of mine but if you look closely you can see my body is actually ahead of his. He just has bigger wheels.

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