Mother's Day

B.A., before Annika, when my Mom was racing a lot. She used to say she was going to slay dragons. I think she once listed that as her profession on a race entry. 
As you can see, I need not slay dragons. I am a dragon tamer, befriender of the mighty beasts.
If my Mom was to list her profession now on an entry form, more fitting than "Stay at Home Mom" would  be Ring Master of the Family Circus.
 Mothers Day week consisted of the circus and a race and an overflowing toilet The Hope Starts Here race was a bit of a big deal with multiple races to choose from. 5K/10k/1/2 marathon run or the off road duathlon. My Mom chose the duathlon: 5k run.10 mile mtn bike. 5k run.

It may have been the most "fun race" she ever did enter. No time for thinking, analyzing, or questioning just chasing and being chased. Getting dropped on the first 5k, closing the gap on  the bike and choosing just the right spot to pass (make it stick),  running the second 5k faster than the first  resorting to the piss yourself pace 6:32pace to hold the off the next runner is pretty exhilarating. Victories can happen because you are the best, victories happen because of who didn't show up, but when they happen because you took what you had and executed it to your best....that is total awesomeness.

P.S. For full disclosure and public service here is my nutritional advice for the week:
Think Spring
Go Lean
Eat Greens. 
Chop, Chop on the race course starts with chop, chop in the kitchen.
Wait a minute.....Anna want a cookie to wash down cake and ice cream. 

P.P.S: I asked my Mom to win me a purple trophy. 

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