Florida is Summer

It was May. It was spring.
 It was my job to find the corner spring was just around.

 I tried  and tried.
I even opted for a disguise but every time I got close...
Winter would come roaring back. So finally I said that's it ....Florida is Summer
 I packed my bag, rather my made in the USA Trunki and headed to Florida. For those of you not in the know a trunk is a carry on bag those under 60 lbs can scooter through the airport on. P.S. My parents are already thinking of upgrading the wheels.
 Hollywood Beach Florida had everything I could have wanted. A beach, a pool, swings and slides along the boardwalk and public transportation. This time the public transportation was a trolley.
 "A trolley!"
 Here I am searching for seashells. I'm a pretty tough beach critic. My petite beach resume consists of Del Mar, La Jolla, Mssion Beach, Carlsbad, Santa Monica's Annenberg, the sand dunes of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and let's not forget....Malibu.

 For a weekend Hollywood Beach, Florida will do.
Oh yes it will.

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