Happy Easter

 On Easter some of us went for an egg hunt.

And some of us went on a tree hunt.

My Mom and Dad rescued that tree so my Grandpa could saw it up and make me something out if it. Rumor has it he is going to build me something mighty fine.

  The Easter bunny got a memo from the dentist and no candy was delivered.
 I was over the moon about my "kid rake". Apparently the Easter bunny didn't get any memos from the  child labor offices or social services. Along with the rake I got a matching shovel and hoe.
 Easter was also my Dad's birthday. I love birthdays.
 Any guesses why? I will eat my cake and your too! Broccoli...not so much.
 My cousins came to visit along with my Aunt and Uncle, Grandpa and Grammy and Mr. Sparky.
 It was an awesome time.

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