So Cal Epic Fat Tire 50

Sorry folks I have been so busy I forgot to write my Dad's race report for him. I'm too young to race or train but I am allowed to watch, write, and dream BIG!

So last Saturday my Dad got up early, made pancakes and drove his car about 50 miles to ride his bike 50 miles in hopes of a prize or something. Did I mention the course is off road, hilly and 106 degrees.Oh yeah and he rode a bike with one gear.

Call me a baby but why did he do all this when he can drive a car?

 Anyway the course was about the same as last year, except a little bit better. They removed one deep sandy sloggy section. I didnt get to go watch as my mom thought it was too hot and sunny for me. I wanted to go. Look, I would have podiumed again!

 Hmm, she keeps me out of the sun and gives me Vitamin D drops. Seems like I just could spend some time in the sun but I don't make the rules. She took me to the UCSD Master's Fall pancake breakfast.
My friend Lauren and I got primo stroller parking. We were right next to the pancake table. Boy did it smell good . I could't wait for the workout to end and the pancakes to be served.

Unfortunately, after an hour spent dozing and dreaming about those sweet cakes I learned I am not old enough to eat pancakes. Oh brother!

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Rachel said...

loving all the baby postings. :) congrats again. she's too cute for words. and oh yeah, that podium thing is pretty neato as well.

hope all is well. :)